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The IR6I module enables users to choose from the 2 data formats the integer mode or the floating point mode. When the integer mode is enabled, the IR6I module has these features for operators to use: a notch filter, multiple input ranges, and real-time sampling. When the floating mode is enabled, it also has all the aforementioned features, in addition to the process alarms, temperature linearization, digital filtering, and rate alarms. It comes in 4 different input ranges; 1 to Ohms, 2 to Ohms, 4 to Ohms, and 8 to Ohms.

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The isolated category controller offers a scalable controller design, providing many settings to work for different applications and accessories. The Allen-Bradley IR6I PLC module is part of the ControlLogix sub-brand and provides six individually isolated RTD input channels for analog input mounted in your chassis, whether you are building a computer of your own or looking for a replacement part.

This input module is an open-style unit, having no enclosure, and offers a continuous volts between inputs. Retain control by incorporating proven design technology. When installing this module, make sure you choose a slot that reduces the effects of electrical interference that RTD modules can be susceptible to assist with category ControlLogix. It is also available to work with third party devices and ControlLogix. The rack and controller systems offer multiple accessories for your computer.

This device from manufacturer Rockwell Automation offers consistent quality performance by overcoming every parameter against its extraordinary functioning. The Allen-Bradley IR6I offers four inputs that are either differential or single-ended that are auto calibrated. The module features under channels that are configurable individually and have selected input filters. There is an over-range and under-range detection and indication with the entire module, having a high accuracy rating.

The computer bits remain intact until calibration mode. The PLC combines multiple drives and hard drives and offers easy mounting. The Allen-Bradley IR6I analog input module offers a full copyrighted PDF with all relevant information and technical definitions with regard to current, differential, voltage, inputs, sensors, and outputs.

Look for the digital version of the module coming soon with a detailed description. End your search for the ideal product with this analog input module. Product Identifiers.


Allen-Bradley 1756-IR6I Analog Input Module



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Allen Bradley Temperature-Measuring Analog Module: 1756-IR6I


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