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I would test the memory and the hard drive first. Jersey i have a acer laptop can i upgrade the graphicson this model to more than 64mb Ponchus April 8, hey i have an acerwlmi. So it would be just a guess. I repaired a lot of Toshiba laptops with a very similar problem.

You turn on the laptop, the CPU fans start spinning, the hard drive disk start spinning, but nothing appears on the LCD screen or an external monitor. In most cases it would be a symptom or a failed memory module. Try to replace the memory stick or install a good known test memory. Do not forget to connect an external monitor and check if you can get a video output there. If you a video on the external monitor, then the memory is good and most likely the problem is in the display assembly LCD screen, FL inverter board, video cable, bad connection.

Try to remove the hard drive and start the laptop. See if you can get a video on the LCD screen. Jason April 12, Looking for help. We have repaired the power connector and disabled the sensor and the machine worked for 1 week.

I have replaced hdisk, ram, dvd, used external monitor nothing, all I get is the power light flashing from green to orange all the time.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks. It is possible that some connectors are not seated properly. I would try to reseat the CPU first, not sure if you have an easy access to it. This morning I had to troubleshoot Toshiba Satellite P35 laptop with exactly the same symptoms.

After I installed a test CPU the laptop started fine. I believe it is just a bad connection. Trouble is, now it just shuts itself down after about mins of use, which is not nearly enough time to run the recovery.. So I tried formatting with an old windows cd, and then tried to install windows that way, same problem, only after slightly longer this time. I reckon something is overheating somewhere, I took the panels away that are available to remove at the back, and none of those parts memory and wirelesss card i guess are hot at all.

Another symptom of overheating — the laptop runs slower then usual. It might happen because the heatsink is clogged with lint or the CPU fan stopped working. I am not familiar with Acer laptops but I guess it has some openings in the CPU area so the hot air can get out.

Buy a can of compressed air and blow inside the openings. See if it will fix the problem. Turn on the laptop and listen for fan to start spinning. The fan should start spinning before the laptop shuts down. If you cannot hear it then most likely the fan is bad and should be replaced. Curtis Peterson May 8, I have a Acer Aspire, the battery is reconogized in the power meter in the control panel, but it will only work with the power adapter plugged in.

I have replaced the original battery with a brand new one, still the same symptoms. After disassembling the laptop there is a 2 burnt chips, on the motherboard, not exactly sure if they are resistors, compacitors, or what exactly.

The numbers on the component are: B, W42B. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Does anyone have an actual dissassemble manual for it? It worked fine every day for a year, but when I booted up this morning, nothing. In Device Manager for the Broadcom Code Any advice? First of all, I would try to reseat it. Just remove it from the slot and put it back. Overtime a wireless card connector pins can get oxidized and have to be cleaned.

I tryed to change power supply, everything, but nothing helped. Also warranty is ended in 2 months ago… Could somebody knows that to do? Or could suggest some others web sites where i could find forums on acer aspire turing on problems?

Thank you! May 21, I have an acer travelmate and the lapy seemsto be melting the ac adapter. What the hells up? Do you see any LED activity; do you here any sounds from the laptop?

Is it completely dead? Only when play dvd. Chaud June 7, About the question number 27 and 28, i found the possible problem. Try take out the Wireless card from the Laptop and your laptop goes turn on.

Beste regardas,.


Acer Aspire 7720 Manuals

Overview View all the pages Comments Page 31 Chapter Acer eRecovery Management Acer eRecovery Management is a powerful utility that does away with the need for recovery disks provided by the manufacturer. User-created backups are stored on D: drive. Acer eRecovery Management provides you with: TPassword protection. TRecovery of applications and drivers. Page 32 26Chapter 1 Acer eSettings Management Acer eSettings Management allows you to inspect hardware specifications and to monitor the system health status.


Acer Diagrams, Schematics, Service Manuals

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