Actinomycosis Gram stain Actinomycosis is primarily caused by any of several members of the bacterial genus Actinomyces. These bacteria are generally anaerobes. An affected human often has recently had dental work , poor oral hygiene , periodontal disease , radiation therapy , or trauma broken jaw causing local tissue damage to the oral mucosa , all of which predispose the person to developing actinomycosis. The three most common sites of infection are decayed teeth, the lungs, and the intestines. Actinomycosis does not occur in isolation from other bacteria.

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Actualmente, la paciente se encuentra en buen estado general y recibe tratamiento prolongado con penicilina oral. Todas ellas se multiplican lentamente y, antes de dividirse, se ramifican, tomando un aspecto que asemeja la forma del micelio. En el centro de estos abscesos se observan numerosas colonias de Actinomyces spp. Es bien sabido que la respuesta al tratamiento prolongado con penicilina es muy satisfactoria.

Abdominal and Pelvis Actinomycosis: a Diagnostic and Surgical Challenge for the General Surgeon Abstract Abdominal and pelvic actinomycosis is a fairly rare chronic suppurative infectious disease of very infrequent presentation.

The most frequent clinical presentation of the disease involves the neck, the entire facial area, the thorax and the abdomino-pelvic cavity. The latter has been associated with the chronic use more than five years of the intrauterine contraceptive device IUD.

The case of a year old female patient is reported. She first presented with a history of several months of chronic pelvic pain and a firm non tender pelvic mass. She was then submitted to the department of general surgery of the State Hospital of Pitalito, Huila, Colombia, where de diagnosis of abdomino-pelvic actynomicosis was established postoperatively.

The patient is doing well so far and still receives oral penicillin treatment. Key words: actinomycosis; pelvis; abscess; penicillins. Referencias 1. Actinomycosis, surgical aspects. Am Surg. Peptostreptococcus, Propionibacterium, Eubacterium, and other non-spore-forming anaerobic Grampositive bacteria.

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Actinomicosis Abdominal y PĂ©lvica


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