This existing foundation provides stable pillars on which HR functions can build on in the GCC region. The Comorians had never met one of their future dhab. Rose used to complain of lower backaches and suffered from spotting. Al Waseet Laundry That means you can sign off invoices or look up information even if you are not at your desk.

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Apart from the three world-class, white water rafting and kayaking which runs up to a combined length of 1, metres, the adventure park features a surf pool that generates three-metre high waves every 90 seconds.

Cheer on the camels as they gallop around a specially made track, and marvel at how these seemingly ungainly creatures can reach such high speeds. Races normally take place on weekend mornings, with additional races on public holidays.

Try to get to the racetracks as early as possible to soak up the atmosphere. Entrance to the races is free. Horse Racing: Horses are of great heritage significance for Arabs and there is immense equestrian talent on display.

The Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club is the home of horse racing in the capital with around 16 race meetings a year, usually held in the afternoons or evenings throughout the cooler season, and admission is free.

The race night atmosphere is hard to beat, with six races per evening, starting at 30 minute intervals. There is no betting, but the Tri Cast Competition invites race goers to pick the first three finishers in each race, with prizes for the winners.

Website: www. The Folklore Gallery: A great display of local pottery and art. Reflective pools surround the mosque, amplifying its beauty. The striking white and gold colours shining in the sun are replaced at night by a unique lighting system which reflects the phases of the moon. The park tells the Ferrari story with passion and excitement through more than 20 exhilarating and educational rides and attractions, interactive shopping and authentic Italian dining experiences.

Its highlight is a falcon display museum as well as a facility with free-flying falcons. Newly renovated, the park boasts 28 attractions for all ages, a family show amphitheatre, picnic and play areas. There are many Arabian Oryx, gazelles and giraffes, along with hyenas and cheetahs.

The metre The museum has something for everyone, from seasoned petrol-heads to those with only a fleeting interest in automobile antiquities. Home of the former ruling family, it is the oldest building in Abu Dhabi. The Palace is also home to the Cultural Foundation where many interesting exhibits of traditional artefacts and photographs are displayed. The courtyard and tile work over the main gate are particularly beautiful.

Hili Gardens are impressive ancient tombs, some more than years old. The place makes a refreshing change with freshwater pools and date plantations. It is also home to the Bedu people, known for their hospitality. Jebel Hafit Close to Al Ain, this is a craggy mountain rising steeply from the surrounding desert.

An area noted for its flora and fauna it is one of the last remaining habitats of the rare Arabian tahr. The mountain can be accessed by excellent roads which winds its way right up to the summit, providing a panoramic view of the Empty Quarter. Also of interest are the numerous caves, sites of archaeological excavations and Ain Al Fayda, a top health resort located over a natural hot spring.


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Mataur Waseet and Google join up to target small businesses Increased seed prices were more than offset by lower crop protection prices. Operating margins expanded by basis points. Claim or contact us about this channel. I could not even go to visit my neighbours either. Abu Dhabi Waseet newspaper jobs For more information, visit Huawei Dahbi Business Group online: The partnership was announced during an event gathering around retailers from the North, who were introduced to Huawei smart ewaseef series including the flagship collection P and Mate series. We developed an organizational design that fosters innovation and takes advantage of our market connections to abbu growth. The result is an exquisite variety of visual effects under different lighting conditions.


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