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Apr 08, Parvu Andreea rated it really liked it First part of the book makes you love Pablo. For his kindness to help others to overpass poverty and integrate them in the society.

Too bad his desire to control everything and have absolute power transformed him in a terrifying murderer, without carrying of anything and anybody, except himself. Aug 02, Mr. Stoner rated it it was ok So not what I expected! Not a fan. She attempted to justify his existence by claiming he had a heart of gold, but was misrepresented by the bourgeoisie of Columbia, which, turned all of Columbia against their version of "Robin Hood".

Even if he saved her life, he took over a , others not sure of So not what I expected! Even if he saved her life, he took over a , others not sure of the exact amount - either directly - shooting, bombing, strangling, stabbing, etc.

She claims to have no knowledge of this until she started to fall out of love with him, but tells outrageous stories that would lead sane people to know otherwise. She may very well have been on his intellectual level. However how smart was he? She believes that he knew what was going to happen before it occurred, but could not control himself enough to stop.

They discussed political inequalities that most people knew and understood, especially in Columbia. However, she knew little of anything about his cocaine trafficking and murderous ways. Just tell us he had you bought off or scared because it is hard to believe a redeeming quality existed for a man like this, especially a heart of gold!

Hard for me to buy any of it. Many times love can make you overlook issues of others, but what does this say about her to overlook these "issues"! There were times her writing was succinct and other times, where attempts at eloquence were far-fetched and did not hit their mark.

As a reporter, she had many attributes that made her a favorite. One was obviously her looks, two, she seemed to be aware of some politics, and lastly she had an understanding of "the human element", which I believe was what made her so desirable to Pablo. He used her for his own good, as he used everyone. She made him appealing and provided him with the omnipotent belief that he could do as he pleased, murder, deal drugs, and basic criminal activity.

Was she used? Did she directly kill anyone? Was she responsible for the death of others? This book may clear her conscience but not her soul. He a drugslord of the Medellin cartel with a modest background. She a journalist and TV anchor wo man from the upper class. I wanted to read about the story behind their love. Her story. Her images. What she says and what not. Her details. For me this quote is the key to the book page Ana Bolena Meza: "Virginia, you were the greatest star of this country [Columbia] and the narcos ended your career and your good name.

I am just a humble actress who wants to make her living with hard work. Say that woman as me despise man like them. That I prefer to die rather then being touched by the dirty hands of a narcos.

Gustavo asked Virginia to arrange a meeting with Ana. Ana refused to meet. Why did Virginia fall in love with Pablo? Pablo built 2, houses for the poor of Medellin. Pablo saved her life. Both were student and teacher. Mutual attracted to their huge intelligence. Attraction and rejection.

They had an equal relationship. Virginia always refused the sugar daddy side of Pablo. She wanted his love not his money. Later she asked Pablo for money for education and investment in a company then he refused because Virginia was the only woman in his life that did love him for free. He wanted to maintain that dream. They talked a lot about the "inheritance" of Pablo.

He wanted the world, via the only woman who really knew him, to know who he really was. A psychological and historical accurate portret. Nice read. No book for sensitive souls.


Amando a Pablo, odiando a Escobar- Virginia Vallejo

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Amando A Pablo Odiando A Escobar Descargar Pdf



Amando a Pablo, odiando a Escobar


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