Loading a Ribbon Note: This section does not apply to direct thermal printing. Lift the top cover to expose the media compartment. Unwrap the ribbon roll pack and separate the ribbon roll and the bare core. Attach the edge of the ribbon on the bare core and wind it a little bit onto the core.

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Page 7: Attaching Power 4. Plug the other end of the power cord into an appropriate grounded AC electrical outlet. Warning: Do not operate the printer and power supply in an area where they Power Jack might get wet.

Page 8: Loading Media Loading Media 2. Put the Media Hanger through media supply roll, and then centrally align with the two Media Shields to closely lean against Preparing Media the media supply roll. The inside wound or outside wound media rolls can be loaded into the printer in the same way.

Page 9 4. Push the Release Latch to open the printer module. Media Shaft Media Guides To tear media, pull the media edge against the Tear Bar as in the Page 12 Step 2. Step 3. Mode B. After manually setting Reflective Sensor Force Mode, if it is needed to reset the printer to its default Transmissive Sensor and exit from Force Mode, refer to the steps below: 1. Ready LED will start flashing. Refer to the sample self-test pages below: Reflective Sensor Transmissive Sensor The following steps only apply to thermal transfer printing mode only.

Force Mode Mode Direct thermal does not need ribbon to be installed. Page Placing Ribbon Rolls 3. Lift up the printer module to check the Ribbon Supply Holder. Placing Ribbon Rolls 1. Open Top Cover of the printer. Top Cover 2. Page 15 4. Install one ribbon roll and rotate it until the notches align and lock 5.

Install the other ribbon roll and rotate it until the notches align and into the left side of Ribbon Supply hub, and then into the right. In Dump mode, all characters will be printed in 2 columns: the right shows characters received from your system, and the left are the corresponding hexadecimal values of the characters.

Turn on the printer and wait for 5 or more seconds. Page Miscellaneous hardware errors. Check if the communication cable serial is connected securely to your serial port on the PC and to the connector on the printer at the other end.


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