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Quote from: ebastler on April 08, , pm Since the chip is socketed, the easiest way to read it would be to pull the chip and insert it into a programmer.

I assume you have one, and intend to use it to program the boot loader as well? This would still fail if the chip is read protected. The fact that the board is cheaply produced does not mean that the manufacturer did not care about their IP. Maybe even more so, if this device was made in large quantities, and it is easy to copy the physical circuit board. I was going to use the arduino uno to burn the bootloader and program the chip.

How can I check whether its read protected. You should follow the PCB traces to see which processor pins are connected to which connector pins and other hardware on the board. Quote from: mariush on April 08, , pm The 4 pin header could be for programming the chip - something like voltage, ground, reset , program The chip could have the flash memory protected, so you may not be able to read the contents.

There are lock bits and other flags.


Datasheet ATmega8, ATmega8L (Atmel)



ATmega8, 8L, 8A


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