For your study this school year, you will first complete reading assignments from the scripture text for this course—the Book of Mormon—and then you will complete the individual lessons. Once a week you will meet with a seminary teacher to submit your work and participate in a weekly lesson. Seminary is a daily religious education program. Prayerfully studying your scriptures should be a daily practice. You will need to work on your seminary assignments each school day, even though you will not attend a seminary class each day.

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Read Christian book reviews and discuss Christian books. The Bait of Satan deals with the issue of personal offense.

In Chapter 1, The author explains that offense is "bait" that Satan uses to try to "trap" us with. When people - especially those closest to us - wrong us in some way, we are deeply hurt and feel betrayed. Sometimes, due to inaccurate information or miscommunication, we perceive that someone has wronged us, even though that might not actually be the case.

Psalm - In this verse, King David cried out that the sting of betrayal from someone he was especially close to was unbearable for him. The author, John Bevere, points out that "The closer the relationship, the more severe the offense. It prevents us from seeing and dealing with the truth and keeps us trapped.

Pride causes us to view ourselves as victims and to justify our actions. Revelation - Pride caused the Laodiceans to be deceived. As a parallel, sometimes God allows us to go through trials and tribulations so that our sins will be revealed to us.

We can purify ourselves through repentance. Revelation - We need to open our eyes and see the true condition of our hearts and stop blaming others. The author states: "Often when we are offended we see ourselves as victims and blame those who have hurt us.

While I am on good terms with about half the people on my list and believe that I have worked through forgiveness with them, I recognize that I still hold some degree of bitterness and resentment towards several of them. Write a prayer asking God for help and wisdom to avoid the bait of Satan.

Dear Father, please open my eyes and give me wisdom. Help me to use compassion when dealing with people and situations that could cause offense. Day 2 Read 1 Peter and then summarize how God purifies us: He purifies us by allowing us to go through trials and tribulations that test our faith. Think about your own life.

What are the impurities in your heart that are hindering the character of God from growing in your life? Impatience, irritation, resentment, bitterness. Write a prayer repenting of blaming others and asking the Lord to give you eyes to see the condition of your heart. Dear Father, Please forgive me for the times that I have blamed others for situations and offenses that I should have taken responsibility for my part in.

In reflecting upon my own life, I can see that it is very easy for me to allow myself to get offended over minor things or make negative assumptions. Just recently I went through a situation where I had called someone and left a voice message for them to call me back.

At that point, I was starting to get annoyed and frustrated. It turned out that the person was just really busy. Satan uses situations such as this to plant seeds of doubt in my mind. Do you struggle with offense on a daily basis? Are there people that you have been holding onto offense with for more than 5 years?

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john bevere bait of satan

Mazura At that point, we are not only cautious about who comes in, but in terror we cannot venture outside our fortress. Just a moment while we sign you in jonh your Goodreads account. Through Your power, O Lord, I will refuse to attack my enemies with my tongue, for Datan will never forget that both death and life are in the power of the tongue Prov. It keeps you from the change of heart—repentance—that will set you free. Only those you care about can hurt you.


The Bait Of Satan: Living Free from the Deadly Trap of Offense

Apr 04, Timothy Bariteau rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Christians, pastors, everybody Deception is so A deceived person, by the very nature of deception, has no possible way of knowing they are being deceived. That is, unless someone shines a light onto the issue, revealing the truth to them and exposing the lies for what they truly are If you had asked me two weeks ago if I was offended by anybody, or if I was Deception is so



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