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See what NEW accessories you get with the new Bamix packages Bamix of Switzerland It seems that everything Bamix says it can do, it does quietly, quickly, evenly, and expertly! The Bamix models come with different accessories or attachments. The accessories and attachments are made to the same high standard as the main Bamix blenders. Check out our post on how to compare and decipher the Bamix hand blender model names. We review all the accessories and attachments that they include, and the main buying criteria to help you choose the best one for you.

Click over to see our thinking, and which one we bought as a result! Me… beating egg whites with my Bamix blender. The Bamix feels great to handle! Whipping up egg whites fast for meringues is one of its most popular tricks! Faster than when I did it in front of Paul , and a camera! From reviews it looks like you do have to careful to line the shaft and the blade end up very well to get them to connect easily. We actually started to get a bit bamboozled with all the blade names and what they meant.

What was the difference between them, and what do they all do? More importantly what food can we make with each blade? After a bit of research here is our guide on how to decipher the terms. It includes all the techniques you can apply with each blade, and also the resulting food it will help you create.

We also tell you what letter Bamix give it e. A blade and what they look like by the way because some sales sites online mix the names up. Bamix multipurpose blade This is also known as the chopper blade or the C blade. The Multi Purpose Blade Amazon is great for pureeing soups and sauces, and ideal for baby food, chops and blends fruit and vegetables for juices, shakes and smoothies. So you can easily make shortcrust pastry, brioche, and bread!

You can also make amazing ice cream and flavoured butters with its hard crushing action works wonders on ice or nuts. Bamix whisk blade Also known as the blender blade or the B blade.

Think of it as ideal for mixtures that need a thick consistency like light batters. Fabulous for emulsifying mayonnaise, making pancakes, crepes, waffles and omelettes.

Quick note: sometimes in Europe, even in a Bamix office! So, just always look at the pictures as well as words See it on Amazon Bamix beater blade Also known as the aerator blade or the A blade. Be careful as some sites also mistakenly call the Beater blade the B blade!

Basically, it tilts a little which allows it to get air into the mixture, hence the name aerator. Think of using it for anything that needs beating with a light touch. So you can now see why the Beater Blade Amazon is also called a foamer, or a creamer, a sauce maker. So what can you make? How about meringues, sauces, soups, thick milk shakes and smoothies, whipped desserts, light sponge cakes, sabayons, milk foams, bernaise sauce, tiramisu, Chantilly cream, and hollandaise sauce.

We could go on! Note: A little heads up on this little blade. Basically it minces meats and creates pastes. Its good for fibrous ingredients so think of using this tool when you want to make a smoothie with difficult fruit and vegetables like rhubarb, leeks and asparagus. Do bear in mind though that it is not meant to be used to crush ice.

The multi-purpose blade does that. If you do end up with a dry grinder only, its not the end of the world as, although it is meant for dry ingredients only, most people say you can also use it to chop herbs leaves that you have removed surface water from for example or veggies again, dry surface. Surprisingly stable it seems. Not very big at all and very like a coffee or spice grinder or miniprocessor size. All components are dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

This item is compatible with all Bamix models. See it on Amazon Bamix processor — the wet and dry mill for grinding and chopping Also known as the Wet and Dry grinding mill or the Processor on Amazon. It has 5 elements: the lid, the base, the bowl, the stainless steel shaft and the blade. It is designed to grind both wet and dry ingredients. So, like the dry grinder, it is brilliant at grinding dry spices like vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom etc. It equally grinds nuts, grains, chocolate, coffee beans, and even ice.

However it also grinds herbs, onions and tomatoes and much more. It can also make your pates, nut butters, or just simple take the tears out of onion chopping! It can be used to grind ice, hard or soft cheese, or for making crumbs out of dried bread, fish or mushroom, or for grinding herbs and citrus peels. You will need the extra pulveriser powder disk piece below to do the sugar and salt to a very fine consistency.

What we love is that it fits neatly on the back of the stand — being just 12 x 12 x 9 cm. So a nice small size to hold in your one hand, whilst you have the blender in the other hand. That way you get nice even grinding. A helpful foodie mentioned it takes a large slice of bread torn into bits to make breadcrumbs, a large handful of herbs, about 4 or 5 oz sugar ground down to caster sugar, or a handful of nuts to be chopped.

We have so much to write on the processor. No need for you to buy those tubes of garlic paste then! By the way, apparently any excess water goes away when you start cooking with the paste in hot oil. For sugar, start raw and do a fast refine yourself to castor sugar, and then, with the powder disk inserted, go further to icing sugar…in seconds. We use that in place of breadcrumbs or just to thicken things! This attachment is compatible with all Bamix models and we think this handy little attachment to the Bamix will save you time, money and effort!

See it on Amazon Bamix powder disk — the pulverizing accessory for the processor i. The Powder Disk see it here on Amazon and be amazed! The Powder Disc is made of a transparent polycarbonate plastic, which is durable, shatterproof and dishwasher safe. See it on Amazon Bamix SliceSy — the large food processing bowl with full or basic set of accessories Add the SliceSy and you get the food processing unit that we would use most for little jobs like slicing and grating. Many reviewers talk about having arthritic hands though, so the Bamix is a godsend for that.

The Bamix SliceSy click through to see lots of variations on Amazon usually has a large main S blade for larger amounts of chopping or kneading! The full or complete Bamix SliceSy set as its known, has 5 extra accessories…. So you can process vegetables, fruits and cheese to make simple easy salads.

It can even slice olives, nut and grapes to top them off nicely. You can make a nice tartar or burgers from lean meat or fish, and short pastry or cake dough. Washing the top part of the Slicesy seems to be a sore point though as this is one accessory that cannot be completely submerged in water. The rest can go in the dishwasher!

The attachments are also sharper than the wand blades so be careful. Watch the SliceSy in action making dough for baking… Watch the SliceSy processor in action video here. Additional Bamix SliceSy blades if you purchased the basic SliceSy you need these The basic Bamix SliceSy set comes with just two blades — the coarse slice and coarse grater, so this a good set to add to it. Three extra blades in durable stainless steel for the Bamix SliceSy. You can get the extra SliceySy blade set here from Amazon to add to it.

This includes the fine and medium graters, and the thin slicer. Ideal for helping chop, grate and slice fruit, vegetables and more. Dishwasher safe too. It is not an attachment itself. Unlike some other brands where the stick can be separated from the engine part in the body or handle, you cannot actually do this with the Bamix models. This means you cannot just change your shaft or wand or stick if you like to a longer or shorter one.

You need to choose your bamix stick model that has the length you want… before you look at attachments. Why… All the Bamix hand blenders are made of stainless steel and the motor is so well protected that you can even immerse the wand well past the end.. There are several models, between them all, there are just 3 stick or leg lengths or Bamix like to call it shaft lengths.

You can find more details on the main machine variations in our in depth article about which Bamix to choose here. Bamix are starting to add even more new accessories to make up some neat packages for young families bamix babyline , foodies bamix jamie oliver etc.

So moosey on down to the bottom of the page to check these out and also see some nice accessories we have searched out for you too, so that you can configure your very own customised Bamix blender and accessory package too!

You can even now get a cap with Bamix or gastro on it! Bamix stands and wall bracket Depending on the model you buy, it can come with either nothing, or a wall bracket, or the countertop stand. The wall bracket is a simple soul, it fits all models but it is usually delivered without screws!

You can buy them separately. There are three stand types… One that comes with the deluxe models, one with the swissline or superbox sets, and one that comes with the classic selection set.

We used to see the Swissline stand for sale but not any longer, so if the stand is important to you , then choose the model with that stand when you first buy your blender. Bamix beakers and jugs A ml small size and the ml medium size come with markings on the side, a pourer, and a snap on lid for better food storing.


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