Taunris But I can not trust that the wires coming from the 2 motors are correct, based on the disaray I am looking at. Bedienungsanleitumg lot of members are going to be very happy to see you here! Are you looking for the V manual? Forum Active Topics Login Register. In German a tender is a built-on box to locos for solid matters, like a rucksack.

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And they you will find among my link. You cannot delete your posts in this forum. Secondly, I need some operating instructions. So it ended up as TEEWolf.

Nev wearing the Pink Pinny, bedienungsanleitng is hard to see and now have 2 new shiny tin Hips that is badly in Need of Repair matching tin shoulders and a hose pipe on the aorta Junior member of the Banana Club, a reformist and an old Goat with a Bad memory, loafing around. You cannot post new topics in this forum. I GUESS that the 2 mkrlin from field coil from motor 1 will go to the 2 blue tabs, and 2 wires from field coil motor 2 go to the 2 green tabs.

That is the reason why I quoted his complete post first. Login to your marklin-users. Thank you Kumar India. Yes, Bdienungsanleitung know the bedienungsanleitunh has nice notes on the solder pads of scharz, violet, rot, braun, blau 2 tabsgrun 2 tabsgrau, braun. Let me stop guessing and ask, does anyone have the info I am looking for? Markivitch Hi Teenwolf, thanks for all the information and links. Beddienungsanleitung Tim, nice that you have found us at last You cannot edit your posts in this forum.

You cannot reply to topics in this forum. I think, that is what you are looking for. Bigdaddynz The service manuals also deal with analog locos, which should be of help to you. Hi Kumarvartak, I know it is a few years after your post, but I have a manual for the train if you still want one — I am just in the process of scanning my manuals since they are old and getting a bit fragile. Marklin Instructions and service sheets — Instructuions in English for Locomotives.

I do understand digital, but I have NOT been keeping up with mfx and all the other changes that M has been doing since the With an mfx this will be bedienungsanleitkng automatically. Welcome to the forum, Tim! Bdeienungsanleitung am more into the Marklin HO from the 40s 50s 60 and 70s.

He asked for general manuals. But you see two words in red colour. Loves other than Marklin: I have two tank engines so I have no plans for any more at the moment but I believe they were really quite common so you should be able to get one quite easily if you want one.

But a question to you as an Englishman: Thanks please send it as soon as you locate it. Also faults and how to fix them. But a tank for me is not running on tracks. Not sure if Tim got it though. Which service manual are you referring to is it the same as the sercive manuals at the Marklin Tech Resource center.

Only 8 locos were originally bought and 4 of them are still to see in various museums in Germany. A tank is a container for keeping water or other liquids. Related Articles





Marklin 7051





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