Date of issue: 1 December Description of the book "Beyond the Highland Mist": An alluring laird He was known throughout the kingdom as Hawk, legendary predator of the battlefield and the boudoir. No woman could refuse his touch, but no woman ever stirred his heart - until a vengeful fairy tumbled Adrienne de Simone out of modern-day Seattle and into medieval Scotland. Captive in a century not her own, entirely too bold, too outspoken, she was an irresistible challenge to the sixteenth-century rogue. A prisoner in time She had a PDF perfect "no" on her perfect lips for the notorious laird, but Hawk swore she would whisper his name with desire, begging for the passion he longed to ignite within her. Not even the barriers of time and space would keep him from winning her love. Reviews of the Beyond the Highland Mist To date regarding the publication we now have Beyond the Highland Mist comments customers have not but left the report on the sport, or otherwise read it but.

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By Karen Marie Moning 3. But my first impressions of the novel were good, I found it to be a kind of fae version of Outlander, where the female protagonist ends up time travelling several centuries back into a Scotland complete with kilted men, feudalism and sexism There she is forced to marry a Scot who she grows to love against the odds yeah, definitely sounds very Gabaldon ish, minus about pages This Scot is a 16th century manwhore, to put it plainly, womaniser is too kind a word for him and he naturally falls for the spirited, independent 20th century woman who refuses his advances.

I am relieved that these tricks didn t work and Hawk felt bad about them afterwards, and he got better as the novel went on Though, I still have problems accepting how most of their attraction to one another was based on beauty for me, if an author creates a hero well enough I will fall for them just as much as the heroine in the story but, seeing as aesthetically a book leaves something to be desired, looks are one of the least important things Take V lane from the Fever series, he could never compare to Barrons because he was little than a pretty face a face that we couldn t see I m sure these men are orgasms for the eyes but I m reading a sodding book so it s not really working for me Give me personality please.

And let s not forget the sheer hilarity of some phrases from the book If they had been said in jest then I would have applaudedThey say his manhood at half mast would make a stallion enviousOuchPerhaps you have something in need of a heated shaping and molding Or perhaps I might reshape my steel lance in the heat of your forge, miladyHow I LOLed.

I occasionally love to indulge in the guilty pleasure of finding out how the heap of misunderstandings will miraculously lead to THE deflowering scene It s always exciting to find out whether 1 the heroine however often almost thirty, married and divorced and ridiculously hot turns out to be a Surprise Virgin after all 2 and when that fact will become obvious to the hero, when he thrusts his shaft or rather his engorged phallus KMM s words, not mine into her and suddenly stumbles upon a barricade somewhere halfway up At which point the hero and I will both gasp and, while the hero bravely thrusts on, I cry out in wonder Could it be..

Spoiler alert ahead I ve watched a lot of soap operas, and this book was just like one And a bad one at that I just couldn t like it much The writing style was ok, this is a new writer for me so it took some getting used to, but I didn t mind anything about it. I m sure that all the Vivian Vande Velde, Robin McKinley, and Christopher Pike books I read when I was a teenager set the stage for the love of all things supernatural I developed as an adult, but for whatever reason, there was a five ish year gap after high school in which I never managed to stumble across anything that could pass as either of my favorite genres today the aforementioned PNR and UF.

And I was so bored. Enter one of my sisters who was always reading the historical romances that she began filching from our maternal grandmother not the fairy tale reading grandmother at WAY too early an age She was always trying to get me to read some bodice ripper or another, but it just wasn t my thing Then she brings one that she swears I ll LOVE squints in disbelief No, really, she says, and then explains that this is not just a historical romance, this is a paranormal historical romance A paranormal historical romance in which a hot, evil version of Puck drags a woman scorned from the modern world back in time years to the Scottish highlands Fairies, you say Back in time, you say Hmmm.

So I gave it a shot. And I loved it I read all seven books in the series, and then several years later, continued on to read the loosely connected Fever series which I loved even Come to think of it, the Fever series was my very first foray into UF, so that makes a Karen Marie Moning book responsible for my introduction to both of my favorite genres C R A Z Y Anyway, loving the Fever books even than the Highlander books made the Highlander books take a back seat in my mind I don t think, in hindsight, that I fully appreciated how good they were It was a finished series I didn t reread them, like I did the Fever series, every time a new book came out.

That s my story and I m sticking to it. So fast forward to this past weekend. Our heroine is an orphaned hater of pretty men who is on the run from her past Our hero is just GAH a literal legend among men AND fairies alike which is why both hero and heroine find themselves in their predicament, incidentally There are crazy Gypsies, fairies in disguise as smokin hot blacksmiths, AND my personal favorite thing about PNR vs UF an absolutely sublime HEA as it turns out, nutso hormones are all about the instant gratification when it comes to books.

Takes a deep breath. I hate highlander romances Historical inaccuracy regarding kilts and language, forced seduction, territorial disputes that don t involve geography, unexplainable time travel, TSTL heroines, lairds who have balls the size of an elephant, and smoochy talk that would make Barry White ashamed.

I couldn t even get on board with Outlander It s like it was created to repel me personally Yes, that s the reason. Time Traveling Delivery Service get your own beauteous lass Order today Adrienne judges people based on their looks vengeful likes to do the opposite of what she s told even if it s just to piss people off doesn t know shit about the 16th century makes excuses for men who treat her like shit has the hots for hunky higlanders she likes coffeeHawke called the king s whore he tames falcons and uses it to excuse forced seduction angry accent involving burrs and doonas barbarian caveman douche phallicist rape beast crusader for the holy virgin conquest Likes to say MINEIt s a match One silver haired, silver eyed virgin for one Hawk.

What a beautiful barbarian highlander romance. I should have known what I was getting myself into Look at the original cover There s almost a certain formula for highlander time travel romances Usually it involves fairies or some weird rocks in the middle of nowhere The heroine dramatically falls out of the sky into the brawny hero s arms He tries to stake his claim She pouts and pouts and pouts sticking out her chin whenever possible She runs off to prove she s a smart and independent woman because what intelligent woman wouldn t run into an unknown land she knows nothing about The brawny laird runs after her and they have sex on his plaid in a field The book becomes ridden with historical inaccuracies like coffee and kilts and King James court politics Recipe for a highland romance You re welcome.

Only reason I read this again is because I recently discovered that I like Moning I wanted to see what I thought of her historicals now And then there s the sex You take that out and I won t read it at all It would be like giving birth to a pineapple It would hurt a lot That s a really bad visual. Moning s writing should not be judged solely on this novel She s actually quite a talent, but this novel doesn t show her real talent It s the Fever series that does that This novel is justbad It s like putting your hand in the fire expecting to get burned You will get burned.

Next up on the IPod. Despite my many issues with this book I did love The Hawk and felt that he deserved better than Adrianne and her silly head games This book made me so crazy and nattered on for eternity but because it made me feel something, even if that something was too often anger, I have to give it three stars for making me care I ll probably read the next one too because that s how I am.


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Shelves: historical-fiction , romance , fantasy , 3. But my first impressions of the novel were good, I found it to be a kind of fae version of Outlander , where the female protagonist ends up time-travelling several centuries back into a Scotland complete with kilted men, feudalism and sexism. There she is forced to marry a Scot who she grows to love against the odds - yeah, definitely sounds very Gabaldon-ish, minus about pages. I lost confidence in Hawk the hero of the novel somewhere in the middle but he managed to win it back again towards the end. In pretty much every romance story you will find at some point that one or both parties will experience an element of self-doubt relating to their partner. You know: does she really want me or is she thinking of someone else? It comes with the genre.


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Above dew-drenched branches, a lone gull ghosted a bank of mist and soared to kiss the dawn over the white sands of Morar. The turquoise tide shimmered in shades of mermaid tails against the alabaster shore. The elegant royal court of the Tuatha De Danaan dappled the stretch of lush greenery. Pillowed chaises in brilliant scarlet and lemon adorned the grassy knoll, scattered in a half-moon about the outdoor dais. Elegant fingers demonstrated a puny space of air, and titters sliced the mist. Claims her soul. How easily my men are provoked!


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