Fegor Low stock — order quickly! There is hardly any plastic used at all. If you are sure you are already registered, please check the e-mail address you entered as user name. English English Deutsch English. The drilling machinery is very detailed with motors to drive the drill rods and the pinion drive that pushes the drill down. Free daily briefing get newsletter.

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Overall This is a very good addition to the mining sector where previous models have often focussed on prime movers and excavators, and Bucyrus are to be commended for commissioning the 49HR. Aspermont Media is a company registered in England and Wales.

Cranes Etc Model Rating. There is an opening debris guard to provide visibility from the cab. No problem, here you can set up a new password.

Inside the main body there is a detailed motor and some excellent electrical switchboard equipment, and the floor has some non-slip panels. Here the Elliot Fuel and Lube Truck assists. Amplats chute upgrade completed. Free daily briefing get newsletter. Made in China We have different colors on stock. At the base there is a plethora of wiring and hoses which drive the winch and lead up to the drilling motors.

Detail The metal tracks are very good and finely detailed and this level of detail continues to the track frames which have rivets and electrical wiring from the sprockets. Terex adds deck screens Equipment 02 OCT Included in the box is a small 20 page booklet which gives information about the 49HR and also the Bucyrus company. Quality The paintwork and graphics are very good, and the quality of the modelling is high. The model is completed with some metal drill rods which have finely detailed drilling heads at the end.

Dellner launches heavy-duty brakes Equipment. Packaging The picture box is fairly large and the model is contained within a pair of expanded polystyrene trays. Amplats chute upgrade completed Transport.

We are happy to inform you about a price change of this product respectively when it bycyrus the price you want to purchase. ECE R54 PDF It is pleasing to see good quality instructions although this is slightly offset by concern that the packaging was not able to fully protect the model during transport.

The work platform area is surrounded by convincing handrails and chains, and fine mesh walkways, and there is a drain cover at the foot of the mast. The mechanism is fairly stiff so there is no problem bucyris the drill motor at any desired height. This design allows constant pressure to the drill head when drilling. TOP Related Posts.


Used Bucyrus-Erie drilling rigs

A useful plastic pick tool makes it easy to open the various doors on the model without needing long fingernails. Features The crawler tracks are free rolling and are mounted on spring loaded sprockets so it is easy to remove the tracks if required. It is pleasing to see good quality instructions although this is slightly offset by concern that the packaging was not able to fully protect the model during transport. The front stabilisers have control boxes with wiring, and hydraulic lines. Amplats chute upgrade completed.



The 49HR is a large model. Bucyrus box. All the parts out of the box. Stairs which can lift and lower, and an opening door. With the roof off, there is plenty of interior detail. The end of a drill rod with detailed cutting head.



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