Vuran Maior rotatividade dos estoques: Tydelige fejl som f. Ook kan de behuizing uitzetten of zich verdraaien. Hvis det bliver valgt for lavt, truer kompressionstab og overophedning. Alcohol engines typically are more rated, thus using a spark plug colder than the gasoline engine. Wettige aanspraak volgens FAA richtlijnen voor vliegtuigmotoren is in deze uitgave niet opgenomen. The spark plugs, glow plugs, and caps listed in our Catalogue can be used in the engines which we recommend in our catalogue.

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Mikak Una ayuda para las bobinas de encendido Diversos estudios llevados a cabo por NGK han demostrado que el voltaje requerido en motores de gas incrementa en unos 7. We note that some spark plugs projects do not have grooves, in these cases the spark plug insulator is longer, or we use noble materials such as Platinum and Iridium in the spark plug electrodes to reduce the voltage required for the sparking. We can also apply the angular torque, where the spark plug is screwed by hand until it touches the head and then the torque is applied: The torques depend on the cylinder head material and the thread diameter.

It is common to observe in some spark plugs the occurrence of a spot on the insulator of the spark plug. F4 YJ 24 Alcohol engines typically are more rated, thus using a spark plug colder than the gasoline engine. There are extreme cases where can occur smelting of the central and side electrode, reaching even to disappear completely the electrodes.

Innholdet i denne listen er ikke juridisk bindende. The spark plug is developed for each type of engine to the original condition of the vehicle. In case of starting difficulties, do not allow current to flow continuously. Molti degli inconvenineti riscontrabili sulle candele sono riconducibili ad una coppia di serraggio errata. Post on Dec 2. If any sheathed plug is broken, the indicator will take a long time to glow. Also check with a tester to see if excess voltage has been applied to each glow plug.

Auch ein Bruch von Isolator oder Mittelelektrode infolge von Vibrationen ist denkbar. La condition de base requise est une manipulation objective et correcte des produits NGK. V6 24V CF2 3. What is flash over? The first item that we should check out is whether the application is correct for the vehicle, to do so just consult the NGK recommendations catalog or the automaker manual. Type Nngk Glow Type Q. Resisting in a superior way to heating as well as cataogo.

The vehicles converted to CNG require greater tension of the ignition system for the formation of the spark in the spark plug, this occur in function of the characteristics of fuel CNG, therefore is very important the use of products of high quality. In fact, if there is a gas exhaust of the engine, we have catzlogo extremely strong and characteristic noise of escaping gases. Quedan excluidos de este punto el desgaste normal y cualquier forma de actividad deportiva.

Very worn spark plugs indicate the need for exchange. Its robust construction guarantees excellent combustion gas tightness. The spark plug is a component of natural wear, that is, as the engine runs the spark plug wear.

Por lo que el ajuste manual ya no cattalogo necesario. Once the glow plug tip temperature has reached C, its temperature cayalogo maintained by the controller relay switching the current on and off.

Oil and fuel vapors that are in the safe of the engine are attracted to the spark plug insulator forming this spot effect. Heat dissipation zones are disrupted, overheating and melting of the electrodes or even engine damage can occur.

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