Life[ edit ] Berlitz was born in New York City. In adulthood, he recalled having had the childhood delusion that every human being spoke a different language, wondering why he did not have his own language like everyone else in his household. His father spoke to him in German, his grandfather in Russian, and his nanny in Spanish. He began working for the family language school, The Berlitz School of Languages, during college breaks. The publishing house, of which he was vice president, sold, among other things, tourist phrase books and pocket dictionaries, several of which he authored.

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Several theories explain the strong magnetic forces at work, including the idea that it is one portal to Hell the Sea of Japan is said to be An extremely interesting nonfiction book about the strange disappearances in and around the Bermuda Triangle, this brief pages hardcover that I purchased at a library book sale discusses known disappearances and other anomalies such as maelstroms or whirlpools within a region of the Atlantic Ocean that the U.

Several theories explain the strong magnetic forces at work, including the idea that it is one portal to Hell the Sea of Japan is said to be the other ; that the Triangle is a prime area of alien abduction; and that the forces may be signals from a long-lost, superior civilization e.

Berlitz discusses all of these theories and more in an easy-to-understand manner, as well as the geological origin of the region. I found all the stories of the disappearances fascinating, especially when one considers that the Florida Keys and much of the Caribbean Sea, a cruise destination, is within it. Since , over 1, people and numerous planes and ships have vanished, many without a trace. There are many theories in circulation about the Bermuda triangle. Some think it is mere coincidence that people, planes and ships have disappeared in this area.

Yet others think it is The author describes and discusses an area known as the Bermuda triangle, an area of the Atlantic ocean located between Florida and Bermuda. Yet others think it is an area of UFO activity. This book, though written over four decades ago, provides a well-written historical perspective as well as an account of many of the incidents that occurred in this area up to The other thing I found so interesting about this book is the discussion concerning the actions of mankind and the possible ramifications for our future beyond the s.

It makes for interesting reading, since many thing discussed in this book are now coming to pass. If you have an interest in the subject, I highly recommend this book.


Charles Berlitz

Da adulto richiama la delusione infantile di non aver una lingua nativa come tutte le altre persone. Suo padre gli parlava in tedesco, suo nonno gli parlava in russo e la sua tata in spagnolo. La casa editrice di cui era vice presidente vendette, oltre ad altre cose, frasari turistici e dizionari tascabili, molti dei quali furono scritti da lui. Svolse inoltre un ruolo chiave nella pubblicazione di corsi di lingue registrati su cassetta.


The Bermuda Triangle


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