In the parents separated and Seirawan lived with his mother in various American cities until they moved back to Seattle in The frequent changes between cities, continents and cultures do not seem to have harmed Seirawan. Whether in sports, school or as a newspaper boy, I endeavored to be the best. Not just best, but excellent. Yes, I wanted to win and just within the rules, but within the spirits of the rules as well.

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Only 0 left! Chess House Lifetime Guarantee When buying a chess set online, avoid time-consuming research and expense in the future when unfortunate breakage or loss happens. When you buy from Chess House, you get easy access to parts so your set is always playable. In many cases parts are complimentary. Safe, Timely Arrival Every order is thoughtfully packed for safe arrival.

Plus, your delivery time is clear from order checkout all the way to your door. Be delighted Enjoy peace of mind with 90 day, no-hassle returns and easy access to our friendly, knowledgeable team through the years. Having been involved in frequent battles against world champions over a year period, Seirawan is in an ideal position to reveal how it really feels to be facing the legends of the game.

He describes and analyzes, in depth, his most memorable encounters - both famous victories and painful defeats, against the best chess players of the last 50 years. During this time Seirawan has also been highly active in off-the-board chess activities. This has brought him into close personal contact with many of these champions. In "Chess Duels: My Games with the World Champions," Seirawan recounts many stories involving these giants of the game, giving an intriguing insight into their personalities away from the board.


Congratulations: Yasser Seirawan turns 60!

You can also browse a small part of the book here on Amazon. In the meantime, we are grateful to Yasser Seirawan for sharing with ChessBase readers some insights into how Chess Duels came about. I wanted Duels to read like the latter work, a mixture of entertaining stories, reliable annotations and personal accounts which would enthrall readers and leave them thirsting for more. In any case, Duels aims to provide a mixture of stories and annotations where — just like a complex, messy game of chess — we experience gusts of rapture and agonies of despair. It is awkward for me — in fact, downright impossible — to provide a brief snapshot of Duels. It would seem appropriate to pull out something about him from Duels.


Yasser Seirawan

His father was Syrian and his mother an English nurse from Nottingham , where he spent some time in his early childhood. At 19 he won the World Junior Chess Championship. He also won a game against Viktor Korchnoi , who had two years before narrowly lost a match for the world championship. Impressed, Viktor then invited Seirawan to Switzerland, where Korchnoi was training for his world title match against Anatoly Karpov. For twelve years he was the chief editor of the Inside Chess magazine.


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