Beschreibung bei Amazon About Colleen Gleason Writing mostly paranormal and romantic suspense novels, American writer Colleen Gleason has made a strong name for herself as an author of both skill and imagination. Focusing on the Young Adult demographic for much of the time, she really understands her readers, ultimately giving them what they want. She is also known for writing in an authentic and genuine manner, creating a rapport with her readers quite unlike any other. Early and Personal Life Born and raised in the city of Detroit, the American writer to be Colleen Gleason would grow up with a keen passion for the written word. Coming to know and understand her craft deeply, she would harness her love of literature, particularly that of the fantasy genre, which she would also come to develop throughout the years. Prior to writing full-time, she worked in marketing, as well as starting her own business which was based within the field of insurance.

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I just found out it was a series and may try to read the others, but this book was not a good introduction for the character. There are five books in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles. This was a fun short story read that convinced me that I should definitely check out the rest of this series. Victoria Gardella is just your typical Victorian lady, well kind of, she is also a Venator sworn to hunt down and slay vampires. In this story she is attending a masquerade ball dressed as Mary Antoinette.

While there she must try to win the affections of an This is a prequel story for the Gardella Vampire Chronicles by Gleason. While there she must try to win the affections of an attractive eligible bachelor and hunt down unwanted vampire guests. All in a Mary Antoinette costume that is absolutely impossible to hide weapons in. Ends up she has a bit of competition in the vampire slaying business in the form of the Max Presario an insufferable and gorgeous fellow Venator.

This was a fun introduction to Victoria. Definitely a lighter read. Victoria is funny and witty, there is wonderful banter between the characters that was entertaining and just plain fun. Gleason has created a Victorian world full of vamps that while, not completely unique, is still a lot of fun to read about. If you love stories set in Victorian times with a bit a of humor and some good vamp fights this is the read for you.

It kind of reminded me of Buffy but set in the Victorian era. The action scenes are well done, the love triangle set up nicely. There are a number of mysterious and gorgeous men introduced in this book; I wanted to learn more about all of them. All in all I thought this was an excellent intro to a world I want to learn more about.

Overall a fun read. Victoria is a wonderful character and the men who inhabit her life are mysterious and intriguing. Reading this short story made me want to learn more about Victoria as well as the Venator lable and exactly what it means. If you love humorous Victorian stories studded with wonderful fight scenes and mysterious characters you should give this story a read through to see if you want to read more.


Colleen Gleason



The Gardella Vampire Hunters Series



Victoria Gardella: Vampire Slayer


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