Punch-Clock Villain : Derk is perhaps the ultimate example. He has to play the Dark Lord because his boss sucks. Red Shirt : Invoked, and Played for Drama. Any given "tour" usually contains a few "Expendables," people Chesney was paid extra not to have come back, usually by relatives out to inherit their money. Their deaths also usually ratchet up the dramatic tension for the tour group.

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Plot introduction[ edit ] A fantasy world is dominated by its destructive tourist industry. It is a devastating show: farmlands are laid waste, people slain, and so on. The head of Wizards University, Querida, determines a way to end the tours.

Querida overcomes objections all around and the plan is underway. Plot[ edit ] In a meeting about the Pilgrim Parties, High Chancellor Querida takes a wizard, a high priest and a thief to see the Oracles, who determine that the next person the group sees will play the role of the Dark Lord, and the second person will be the Wizard Guide that they need. They meet Wizard Derk, who has taken his son Blade to see the Oracles, who say that he will be coached by Deucalion.

He summons a demon to bind there, but it escapes. An ancient dragon mistakes him for a ruling Dark Lord, takes offense when it learns the commercial truth, and burns Derk so badly that he cannot play Dark Lord or help with other arrangements. His children take over.

The eldest griffin and most commanding personality among several human and griffin children, Kit takes the lead. Chesney contracts to get rid of in permanent camp. Among other things, they must deal with their own attractions to tourists, and with unwanted affections, and with tourists helplessly in love with each other. The party gets lost in wastelands, Blade and two tourists get separated from the group, and Shona leads the rest toward Derkholm. Blade is captured by guards and sent off to fight as a gladiator, where he meets in the arena his griffin brother, Kit, captured in battle.

Pilgrims are camped in the valley, having been barred from the Dark Citadel by Derk, and many denizens of fantasyland Dragons, Elves and Dwarves have gathered in the Dark Citadel or its vicinity, by the time Mr. Chesney arrives to assess the situation and determines to levy fines. Deucalion, the dragon helps the demon in Mr. The gods, which Mr. Chesney had demanded to appear, show up and shrinks him, and leaves with him.

Main characters[ edit ] Wizard Derk: A wizard specialising in genetics, especially the creation of new animals. He is considered by others to be an incompetent bungler, but really is just a different sort of magic user from everyone else. Mr Chesney: An off-worlder who runs the Pilgrim Parties. Querida: One of the most powerful wizards in the world.

She runs the University of Magic. She is rather amoral, causing Mara to leave and not understanding why Derk is devastated when he believes Kit and Blade to be dead. She aspires to be a bard , and is devastated when the Bardic College expels her for taking part in the Pilgrim Parties.

She is very attractive, musically talented, and very bossy. He is distinctive for his large size and black colouring. He is aggressive and forthright most of the time and enjoys the battles and the Wild Hunt, but is brought under control partly by his father and partly by Deucalion, who is the only person he knows who is bigger than him.

She is very creative, and creates the gizmos for the Pilgrim Parties. She is a high-energy flier, and can only go for twenty miles at most without needing a break to rest and eat. He is lazy, but because of his exceptionally beautiful golden coat and attractive appearance, finds it easy to manipulate others.

Her hobby is cooking, and due to this she is rather overweight. She is a long-distance flier, and able to go for a hundred miles without stopping. Like a human child, she likes glitter and sequins, and is much smaller than the other griffins. She wants to be a wizard. Other characters: Deucalion Scales : King of the dragons and a powerful magic user. Over years old. Tripos: Demon King.

A blue demon, his mate is held hostage by Mr. Barnabas: Wizard friend of Derk. Somewhat of a drunk, secretly working for Mr. His brother is held hostage by Mr. Anscher: a god. Thus the Mythopoeic Society recognized it as the "fantasy


Dark Lord of Derkholm

Year of the Griffin This is a retelling of a story everyone has heard before. A group of travellers get pulled from our world into a fantastical world full of magic. They go on a adventure where they meet enemies who want to get in their way and a prophecy that determines their destiny. They overcome more and more dangerous obstacles, more or less in one piece, before reaching the Dark Lord and defeating him and destroying his evil empire.


Derkholm Series

She pouched up her eyes and glared around the table. Querida was the most powerful wizard in the world, and she had a special feeling for snakes. She looked like a snake herself, small and glossy-skinned and greenish, and very, very old. Nobody doubted she meant what she said.


Full review now posted! Original review can be found at Booknest. Youve probably heard it said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I think thats true to an extent, but there is an art form that goes beyond imitation that, when done well, can often be the best representation of that which it set out to mock. Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen is a perfect example of this. She set out to mock gothic literature, which she did beautifully, but what impresses me so much about that story is Full review now posted! She set out to mock gothic literature, which she did beautifully, but what impresses me so much about that story is that she managed to craft a near-perfect gothic novel as the vehicle for her parody.



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