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Adjustable output 1. It has a lot of transistors, Zener diodes, resistors, and capacitors. We cannot learn all about it. But I think we can do it.

We use only 2 resistors can set the constant output voltage. So, we may chop them up. It is shorter and easy to calculate. It causes output is 3. If you have voltages choice with most resistors. In local stores near you.

See below, I have an easy solution. For you me too choose the right resistor according to the voltage we need. You look at Read next: Simple transformerless power supply circuit Protection Diodes You do not want to see this IC damage, right?

As it is expensive. Read now to keep it is healthy. In the circuit diagram above. We use the external capacitors with any IC regulator.

Sometimes, we need to add the protection diodes to prevent low current parts in the regulator. When these capacitors like 20uF discharge. It will have low enough internal series resistance to deliver 20A spikes when shorted.

Although this surge is short. But it has enough energy to damage parts of the IC. Look at n the circuit diagram. We connect the output capacitor C1 to the regulator. Then, the input shorts. Next, the output capacitor will discharge into the output of the regulator.

We use D1, D2 1N to absorbs this current spike to protects the regulator circuits. The discharge current depends on 3 factors. In the LM It can tolerate a 25A surge with no problem. This is not true of other types of positive regulators. Note: For output capacitors of uF or less at the output of 15V or less, there is no need to use diodes. The bypass capacitor C2 on the adjustment terminal can dis- charge through a low current junction.

The Discharge occurs when either the input or output is shorted. Internal to the LM is a 50X resistor. No protection is needed for output voltages of 25V or less and 10 mF capacitance. So, In-the circuit shows an LM with protection diodes included for use with outputs greater than 25V and high values of output capacitance.

It is easy, right? By adding the power transistor MJ in a circuit. As following Adjustable Voltage and current regulator IC power supply.

But these methods. Rather cumbersome and wasting too much money. However, we can build this circuit easily and cheaply, By using the packages IC No. Until DCV has come out that the filter capacitor C1 is equal to 35 volts. The IC1 is the heart of the operation of this circuit. By the voltage output value obtained from the IC depends on the voltage value at the Adj pin of IC1, or can be varied by adjusting the VR1.

However, the output voltage will be approximately equal to 1. Parts you will need.


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