It was original, delightfully funny and wickedly sexy. There was a wonderful array of richly drawn characters and just the right amount of drama and mystery to keep me intrigued. What I loved most about the book:- The Setting It was refreshingly different to read a story set against the backdrop of 19th century New York and Ms Marvelle brought everything to life with her vivid images of the notorious Five Points. He scanned the stretching width of the dank street. I really loved this book! Cramped wooden buildings loomed in the surrounding darkness, murky-yellow lamps lighting broken windows stuffed with rags and heaven knows what else.

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I confess that here ends the extent of my gentle breeding. I was a naughty child who was forever torturing her parents with countless adventures that they did not deem respectable. Confined to my room on many occasions due to these misadventures, I soon discovered the quill and its amazing power.

I scribed endless stories that almost invariably surrounded the topic of love, for I felt an inane need to be rescued from a family that did not understand my lust for life. In my mind, King Arthur became my true love and I waited for the day when he would come riding upon his steed and invite me to sit at his round table, not as his queen, but as his I spent my youth studying various languages, reading voraciously, and playing the pianoforte.

In my mind, King Arthur became my true love and I waited for the day when he would come riding upon his steed and invite me to sit at his round table, not as his queen, but as his knight. To my distress, King Arthur was never to be found anywhere except for in the tip of my quill.

And so I led an imaginary life for many, many years. When I finally came of age, my family was further horrified to discover that I had fallen in love with an American. An American King Arthur who became my knight, my husband, my all. I have been blessed beyond reason and am grateful for each day I have with him.

What is equally amazing is that I now have the opportunity to share my passion for stories with the public. The reason why I write romance is because it allows me to touch upon the subject of love on a much deeper, more intimate level.

Many of the stories I write, many of the stories I will continue to write, will always evolve around love. And yes, gentle readers, it will also evolve around sex as I have no intention of becoming my parents and restraining my characters from what it is they truly desire to do.

I challenge you, my readers, to let loose of those corsets that have been strung too tightly due to convention and enjoy to its fullest.


Forever and a Day

Buy This Book The hero of Ms. Georgia Wilder. I recall struggling to finish — at age 15 — Mr. The book is divided into three sections and ends with an epilogue; all three core components were wearisome in different ways. The first part of the tale is downright baffling.


You can visit her at her website at www. But as she bustled down the crowded, respectable stretch of Broadway, heading back toward the not-so-respectable trenches of Little Water, an astonishingly tall, well-groomed gentleman strode toward her at a leisurely pace, making her not only slow but inwardly wish she had been born a lady. Weaving past others to ensure a better view, she caught staggered glimpses of an impressive, muscled frame garbed in a gray morning coat, well-fitted trousers and an embroidered waistcoat with double-row buttons. Gloved hands strategically angled his dove-gray top hat forward and down to better shade his eyes against the bright sun gleaming across the surrounding stretch of shop windows. His hat alone had to be worth two months of her wages. As he smoothly rounded several people and strode toward her side of the pavement, his smoldering gray eyes caught and held hers from beneath the rim of his hat.

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