Today it has more than manufacturers worldwide and over models of devices integrated to the system, complete alarm system and automation, reading automobile license plate, intelligent module of image analysis, integration with any access control system, biometrics, CRM, ERP, city management software, among others. Digifort has created the Digifort Mobile Client, an application developed in java platform for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones Android and IOs that allows the visualization and playback of the images of IP cameras and encoders, ideal solution for companies and Homes, where at any time the user can view and control cameras, PTZ, activate presets or trigger events from any location, via Digifort Server, being a complement, not an additional module, not requiring the use of a license, Already available from version 7. In addition to the features available in other versions of the software, this edition has the possibility of integration of alarm and automation modules, unlimited number of cameras, IP filters and server status reports. Allows the visualization in the Monitoring Client of Digifort as well as of all the monitors of the workstation in which it is installed, being able to display a set of screens in the grid interface, simulating a Video Wall, among several other solutions. Being commonly used in boxes or points of sale, it allows the recording of user actions on the screen in the form of video, as well as the monitoring and access of stations in places with little access.

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To meet regional economic growth, the company invested in the project and chose the main monitoring software IP from Brazil to provide security for its facilities. Faced with demands for solutions on the web, available 24 hours a day at the Port of Santos and other sectors of the regional economy, the demand for a DC grows quickly.

One of the services offered in this environment, and more strategic to the business, is the Cloud Computing Cloud Computing. IT is common to hear the term scalability, which means to grow in a planned way. Good projects often provide such a feature, allowing the business to grow with the investment. In the case of elasticity, the model is more flexible and aligned to the demands of e-business, just the possibility of sharing resources and IT services in the cloud, without the need to control their own infrastructure.

The software has user friendly interface and easy configuration of cameras, mosaics, servers, users and other important resources. In the environment of the DC, Guilherme explains that the models were standardized using infrared. The Cloud ConsulData operations run 24 hours Guilherme explains the importance of this type of environment in port operations. The client can return to earlier technological stage at any time, avoiding unnecessary investments in their environment, whether in periods of high or low productivity in the trade balance.

FM gas, used in fire fighting, is environmentally friendly because it does not cause harm to human health. We have also adopted the standard of Dark Data Center.

In this case the lighting is turned off when there is no people on site. ConsulData — Founded in , has established itself as a leading integrator of technology solutions in Santos.

Works in the provision of services to bonded warehouses and port terminals, contributing to the modernization of the Port of Santos. It is the only accredited installer Furukawa in the region, providing 15 years guarantee. More information on www. Known in the market as an IP Surveillance System, the product has resources, equipment and advanced technology solutions for the areas of digital intelligence, surveillance, corporate and urban security.

Currently, its platform is continuously developed in Brazil, distributed in 25 countries and translated into several languages, making the software one of the best assessments of the international market.








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