Customer Reviews Store over 35 minutes of stereo, CD-Quality loops in 99 internal memories The JamMan Stereo offers true stereo looping with 35 minutes of built-in memory. Just plug in and start looping! It is available from www. This feature is useful for learning and practicing new songs as well as creating backing tracks. Slow down or speed up any loop without changing pitch Time Stretching a loop is a very useful feature in case the band is playing slightly slower or faster than normal or you just want to change the pace of a backing track slightly.

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Familiar layout, intuitive controls, and freedom to create! Two extra pedals to switch loops remotely! Footswitches are a bit noisy. Overall: A great choice for the average looper, packed with features, easy to use, and good as a standalone for bedroom and occasional live use.

The JamMan Stereo is the mid-sized version, the one Goldilocks would have chosen. For more info on looping, visit this page. Lots of Memory With looping updates always comes increases in memory, and the JamMan Stereo is no exception.

The internal memory is now good for a whopping 32 minutes of CD-quality stereo, as well as a slot for an SD card of up to 16GB good for an incredible 16 hours recording time and the expected USB connectivity.

Memory was barely an issue with the old model, thanks to the USB port, but now the internal capacity is more than adequate in itself, even without a massive SD card.

This gives you the ability to change loops up or down one slot without having to bend down and turn the dial to the next number. This obviously increases the potential live capabilities of the unit, and may open up some options that you would have previously had to have purchased an additional footswitch for. The right hand footswitch is still used to tap out the tempo, but there is no longer a button on the upper portion of the pedal that can be used too, foot-tapping is the only option to set your tempo before you start playing.

In addition to tempo, you can also set time signature. The knob beside the display, usually used to select a loop location, will now be used to set the number of beats in a bar. However these changes may only be implemented when the loop is stopped, unless you reach back into your pocket and pick up an additional footswitch.

Jamming with the Jamman Stereo The JamMan Stereo also includes 9 pre-set rhythm tracks, ranging from a simple click track to simple drum beats. These are of course, subject to your tempo and time signature preferences. This click track can be set to any volume, or switched off completely. This function is accessible via a button on the front of the unit, which is all well and good for home use, but for seamless live use you are again required to fork out for the additional footswitch.

In direct comparison with the original JamMan , the JamMan Stereo has the same intuitive layout, a few additional features and some elaborations on existing features for example, you can now set the pedal to fade out before stopping , but ultimately is a newer version of the same product. As I mentioned earlier, the key difference is in the additional footswitches. On first glance, this may not seem like much of a big deal, but the ability to remotely move up or down one loop brings the pedal along leaps and bounds.

This turns the JamMan Stereo into a serious live tool. On the subject of footswitches, users will also notice that they make a rather loud click when pressed, which has drawn complaints. For example, the clicks may be picked up by vocal mics if they are placed too close to the Jamman Stereo. This may be more of a concern if you are trying to use the unit live rather than as a practice toy. As we move into the new age of looping, it is a shame that you cannot play multiple loops simultaneously on the JamMan Stereo.

It is also interesting to note that for the price of the JamMan Stereo and the additional footswitch, you could also buy the JamMan Delay Looper. Finally, the Jammanager Software used to download filed from your computer to the Jamman Stereo leaves a lot to be desired.

For example, just to load a new track onto the looper, you will need to build a library, then build a Jamlist, transfer your loop from library to Jamlist, then download to the Jamman one track at a time. It is inherently similar to the original JamMan , but has been updated to provide better sound quality, more memory, and some additional features. All hail the new king. Check Amazon Price Enter to win! Subscribe to our weekly tone tips newsletter for a chance to win free effects pedals!

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