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Erotomania Treatment What is Erotomania? This condition is otherwise known as love obsession. This obsession of love by the afflicted person toward the desired individual is intensified when the desired individual expresses his or her dislike in reciprocating the feelings showed by the afflicted person toward him or her.

Erotomanic delusions are seen in patients with schizophrenia or bipolar disorders. The following are the typical presentations of patients with Erotomania: In order for the patient to be diagnosed with erotomania, the patient should have shown at least a month of being delusional. Patients are unaware of the psychiatric implications of their behavior. Usually the object of their affection is inaccessible like a superstar, an actress, a rock star, etc. The patient has the delusion that the object of his or her affection is the one more in love than the afflicted person.

The patient often takes real pride of his or her belief. The patient also believes that the object of his or her affection cannot let the afflicted person know of his or her feelings too because of some reasons like difficulty in approaching him or her.

In addition, due to its aim of getting the attention of the victim, it might result to threatening the victim. The patient will continually stalk the victim and might lead to delusions of persecution following the delusions of passion. Patients may be violent to those people who stand in the way between the patient and the victim.

This needs thorough psychiatric evaluation in the diagnosis and assessment of this condition. Erotomania Symptoms Delusions — this is the main symptom of this psychological condition Harassing behavior — due to the fact that the afflicted wants to pursue the person they desire because they cannot accept that there is no romantic relationship that exists between the both of them, the afflicted resort to stalk their victim and might eventually harass them.

Often the afflicted person acts like the both of them are having a normal romantic relationship because they send love letters, flowers, and chocolates and even make telephone calls.

Stalking — this symptom of erotomania can be expressed through special glances, signals, or mental telepathy. Erotomania Causes It is said that the erotomania is a bit mysterious, and since there have been many of its kind, psychologist can only draw hypotheses rather. The most widely accepted theories that they have formulated is that erotomania rooted since childhood.

The lack of affection during childhood is the most plausible hypothesis. For female patients, it is believed that the lack of affection or attention from a father may be the reason. However, one doctor said that the most common population that are the object of affection of patients with erotomania is mostly females, making the males as the afflicted individuals. So perhaps it follows that the lack of affection from the mother is the main factor for this condition to develop.

Erotomania Treatment Find the underlying cause Finding the root cause of the problem is the key to treating this condition. If it is indeed true that the lack of affection from a parent during childhood is the cause, then perhaps we have to start focusing the therapy in addressing this issue Pharmacological therapy The use of antipsychotic drugs may help manage the symptoms of delusion.

Erotomania is something that should not be taken for granted because as we based on its presentation, the afflicted individual would surely pose harm to people who are the object of their emotions.

In addition, people who are erotomanic thinks that what they are thinking is true, so it is quite difficult to make them understand that what they have in mind is exactly right. Leave a Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Recent Posts.


Erotomania - Dream Theater



Dream Theater - Erotomania






Dream Theater-Erotomania


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