Inside of the projector can be very hot since these machines operator under high temperatures and you run the risk of being burned if the projector has not cooled down. Do not operate the projectors while any of the lamps are removed as this may result in malfunctions, fire hazard and other accidents. Take the screwdriver that came with the projector and put it into opening on the lamp cover to release the cover switch. Remove the lamp cover. Place the screws to either side. Pull the lamp out using the top handle.

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They have taken the already successful EH-TW and tweaked it to have more contrast offering better shading and depth. Normally we would expect to see a down side, a lowering of brightness, an increase in noise but they have really outdone themselves in making a top notch product. On the , as on all Epson p home theater projectors lately, the vertical shift is three full picture heights, and the horizontal shift is two picture widths.

This makes it easier to install the projector in a variety of locations relative to the screen without using keystone adjustments. Having seen enough of the competition in this price range, we can assign our 5-star ratings on this model. But at this price range the appears to have no competition that exceeds its image quality performance.

The is not some great new projector, but really, the latest version of an already very good one. The Home Cinema has very good skin tones, very good black levels for a projector its price, and overall is a contender for best entry level projector so far this fall. High Performance Cinema Filter — Improved design delivers a wider colour space and superior colour purity 3LCD Technology — 3LCD technology achieves brighter, more natural images and smoother, sharper video playback.

Designed with the power to deliver beautiful p High Definition images that are truly larger than life. The EH-TW is aimed at the home theatre enthusiast seeking an entry point to gaining the full High Definition home theatre experience. The EH-TW can be used on a table top, or as the centrepiece of a full home theatre installation. The result? Higher light output, deeper darker blacks, rich, vivid colours and a contrast ratio usually reserved for much more expensive, high end products.

Experience the drama of your favourite movie, the excitement of the big game High Performance Cinema Filter A beautiful image requires the best treatment to ensure accurate colour reproduction. Crucial to achieving a wide colour gamut and colour purity, this innovative technology optically adjusts the primary colours Red, Green, Blue with exceptional balance and precision for incredibly accurate colour reproduction.

Powerful x2. This advanced projection system uses three individual LCD panels to give form to images with silky smooth movement and fresh, natural colours. A stylish cover to hide away the rear connection ports and cables is available as an optional extra.


Epson Dreamio EH-TW3600 User Manual

A: Use the calculator on projectorcentral. A: A bit. The projector gets slightly hotter when mounted upside down which the fan compensates for and is therefore slightly more noisy. Q: Screw noise! The projector has enough lens shift to be mounted in topside up position and project an image with the top lower than the actual projetor. Q: Excellent!


Epson EH-TW3600



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