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Often provided remotely eSourcing services range from routine and non-critical tasks that are resource intensive and operational in nature to strategic processes that directly impact revenues.

These critical issues have been classified into six themes: Good relationships between the service provider and the client, the end users, suppliers, and all stakeholders. Selecting, hiring, and retaining a motivated workforce.

Well defined and delivered services that satisfy commitments and meet client needs. Managing common business threats, such as security issues, risk management, disaster recovery, and statutory and regulatory requirements. Providing world-class services that are always improving. Managing service transitions well at both engagement initiation and completion. Sourcing Life-Cycle Although most quality models focus only on delivery capabilities, in eSourcing there are also critical issues associated with initiation and completion of an engagement, as well as the overall capabilities of the service provider.

Ongoing Practices span the entire Sourcing Life-cycle, while Initiation, Delivery, and Completion occur in specific phases of that Life-cycle. Capability areas eSourcing is delivered through a series of interdependent functions that enables service providers to effectively deliver service. The second dimension of the eSCM-SP, Capability Areas, provides logical groupings of Practices to help users better remember and intellectually manage the content of the model.

These groupings allow service providers to build or demonstrate capabilities in each critical sourcing function, addressing all of the critical sourcing issues discussed above.

The other four Capability Areas are temporal and are typically associated with a single phase of the Sourcing Life-cycle: Initiation, Delivery, or Completion. This path starts from a desire to provide eSourcing services, and continues to the highest level, demonstrating an ability to sustain excellence. Practices address the critical capabilities for eSourcing Service providers that are associated with successful sourcing relationships. Most practices refer to establishing a policy, procedure, guide, program or plan.


eSourcing Capability Models - eSCM - Set



1 – Qu’est-ce que l’eSourcing ?


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