Lehnswesen or Feudalismus; Fr. Even if this quite illegitimate extension of its meaning be ignored, there exist many attempts at its analysis and definition which do not seem to be very closely related to one another. But if we limit ourselves to essentials and are prepared to overlook the subtle nuances of meaning which scholars, and particularly legal scholars, delight in, it will be found that the word is used by historians in two more or less distinct senses. Feudalism may be conceived of as a form of society possessing well-marked features which can be defined without difficulty.

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Help Wikipedia improve by adding precise citations! After studies with Ferdinand Lot , he practiced law for a period, before returning to the University of Ghent. Here he succeeded Pirenne in as professor of medieval history, after Pirenne left the university as a result of the enforcement of Dutch as language of instruction.

He remained there until his retirement in Here he defines feudalism narrowly, in simple legal and military terms. This contrasts with the later ideas of Marc Bloch , where feudalism encompasses society as a whole , and those of Susan Reynolds , questioning the concept of feudalism in itself. He contributed greatly to his field, mostly through articles. In he received the Francqui Prize for Human Sciences. Ganshof was renowned as the greatest European expert on the Frankish kingdoms, particularly under the Carolingian dynasty; he never wrote the definitive biography of Charlemagne that everyone expected of him, but his contributions to Frankish history continue to be fundamental.

The best English-language introduction to this very major aspect of his work is in F. Ganshof, The Carolingians and the Frankish Monarchy. Studies in Carolingian History, tr. Janet Sondheimer London: Longman, Selected works[ edit ] De staatsinstellingen van Vlaanderen en Brabant. Voorstel tot voorbereiding en uitgave van een Historisch Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Rechtstaal.

Met een verslag door E. Over stadsontwikkeling tusschen Loire en Rijn gedurende de Middeleeuwen. Flandre sous les premiers comtes. Vlaanderen onder de eerste graven. Geschiedenis van de Middeleeuwsche instellingen: de instellingen van West-Europa. Het falen van Karel de Grote. The imperial coronation of Charlemagne : theories and facts.

Lecture on the David Murray Foundation Encyclopaedie van de geschiedenis: middeleeuwen. Histoire des relations internationales 1. Over het idee van het Keizerschap bij Lodewijk de Vrome tijdens het eerste deel van zijn regering. Mededelingen Het statuut van de vreemdeling in het Frankische Rijk.

Het tolwezen in het Frankisch rijk onder de Merowingen. Het tolwezen in het Frankisch rijk onder de Karolingen. De internationale betrekkingen van het Frankisch rijk onder de Merowingen. Was ist das Lehnswesen? Was waren die Kapitularien? Willem A. De internationale betrekkingen van het Frankisch rijk onder de Karolingen. Het "Iudicium crucis" in het frankisch Recht.

Een kijk op de verhoudingen tussen normatieve beschikkingen en levend recht in het Karolingische rijk. Reproduced as monograph: Studia historica Gandensia Een historicus uit de VIe eeuw: Gregorius van Tours.

Vol 1. Een kijk op het regeringsbeleid van Lodewijk de Vrome tijdens de Jaren tot Frankish Institutions under Charlemagne. Translated from the French by Bryce and Mary Lyon. Providence Rhode Island , Bekentenis en foltering in het Frankisch Recht. Een historicus uit de VIIe eeuw: Fredegarius. The Carolingians and the Frankish monarchy. Studies in Carolingian history Een historicus uit de IXe eeuw: Nithard. Aantekeningen over het grondbezit van de Sint-Bertijnsabdij en in het bijzonder over haar domein te Poperinge tijdens de IXe eeuw.



Definition[ edit ] There is no commonly accepted modern definition of feudalism, at least among scholars. Outside its European context, [4] the concept of feudalism is often used by analogy , most often in discussions of feudal Japan under the shoguns , and sometimes in discussions of the Zagwe dynasty in medieval Ethiopia , [11] which had some feudal characteristics sometimes called "semifeudal". This despite the fact that in translation fengjian is frequently paired in both directions with feudal. In the 18th century, Adam Smith , seeking to describe economic systems, effectively coined the forms "feudal government" and "feudal system" in his book Wealth of Nations The etymology of feodum is complex with multiple theories, some suggesting a Germanic origin the most widely held view and others suggesting an Arabic origin.



Recommends it for: Fans of the Middle Ages Recommended to Elia Princess of Starfall by: UCD Shelves: flawless-history , good-not-great , history-textbook , kings-and-queens , medieval-france , mediaeval-spain , middle-ages , non-fiction , religion-is-messed-up , violence-and-gore We all know about the archaic and old-fashioned concept of medieval feudalism, am I right? With its wealthy and controlling monarchs, belligerent and deceitful nobles and its many, many overworked, underpaid and desperately poor peasants? With its unbreakable code of obligation and servitude on behalf of the vassal; of protection and defence on behalf of the lord? Where land, rank and titles were the be all and end all of medieval life and were how one climbed up the social ladder?


François-Louis Ganshof

Want to Read saving…. We all know about the archaic and old-fashioned gajshof of medieval feudalism, am I right? May 11, Michelle rated it liked it. He makes sure to define all the terms and to explain the use of alternate terms feudallism the same ideas. But, on the other hand, there are many footnotes citing foreign-language books and the modern-language passages are not translated even though they are probably archaic versions French, etc. To ask other readers questions about Feudalismplease sign up. Rozinha Leal rated it liked it Sep 08, This is heavy going stuff but the author knows what he is talking about and if you can wade through the drab, feudalim writing style and understand the various ins-and-outs of the feudal order then you may find this interesting.

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