Description and Function! Safety Information! Control Panel! Wall Mounting of the FHT 80b!

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Description and Function! Safety Information! Control Panel! Wall Mounting of the FHT 80b! Programming the System! Special Functions! Replacing the batteries!

Maintenance and cleaning! Information about radio operation! Technical Data! Page 3: Intended Use 1. The system is used for temperature control in individual rooms in which the heat that dissipates from radiators is controlled by reducing the flow of hot water in the heating system.

Page 4: Description And Function 2. Description and Function Compared with simple mechanical thermostats a. This allows the heating control to adjust the temperature after an average of 30 seconds, in order to save energy when, for example, a room is aired.

Safety code The radio signal is protected by a safety code consisting of two parts. Page 6 2. Information on the range The transmission power is less than 10mW, much below that of a mobile phone which may have a transmission power times as great. Adverse effects on sensitive people and animals are not to be expected.

The wireless radiator thermostat system uses the MHz range, which is also used by other radio services. Page 7: Safety Information 3. Safety Information The warranty will lapse for damage due to non-compliance with these operating instructions. We shall not be held liable for any consequential damage or loss! We shall not accept liability for damage to property or personal injury caused by incorrect handling or non-compliance with the safety instructions.

There is a risk of explosion! Page 9: Control Panel 5. Control Panel 7. Wall Mounting of the FHT 80b 6. Choosing an appropriate mounting location: Make sure to choose an appropriate location for the mounting of the FHT 80b heating control. Page 11 ed in chapter 6 to insert them. During this time the heating control cannot be operated. Page 13 ers to loosen seized screws by turning them counterclockwise.

Page Programming The System 8. Programming the System 8. Page 16 The heating control now returns to the normal operating mode. That way you may adapt the desired room temperature to your individual lifestyle.

Please note that the temperature at the end of the previ- The scale displayed on the bottom of the LC display follows the changes as ous day is not displayed.

Page Automatic Mode or a holiday. After this, the heating control automatically switches to the automatic mode.


Eco EHC-FH02 Installation And User Manual

Akinozahn If the communication is not perfect, then the number is bigger due to resends. The quote was selected randomly. So in my understanding I could 80g-2 But I would also suggest the HMST F for this purpose though, unless you actually want to control your radiators with it, too. I can prove your problem: Beyond that, you need a running FHEM device, in order to have a continuous log of your data in any way. It seems like I can go ahead with a conrad set.




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