By Libba Bray Going Bovine Introduction In the interest of full disclosure, we feel like we should let you know that Going Bovine is a book about a dying teen. Okay, maybe three times. Published in , Going Bovine is a dark comedy that follows a hallucinated epic quest to save the universe as imagined by Cameron, a sullen sixteen-year-old who is dying of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a. Author Libba Bray specializes in hysterical non-sequiturs, actually funny puns, and a conversational style that makes reading feel like hanging out with a particularly funny friend. Printz Award, which honors the best book written for teens each year. Bray nails this one.

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Now in her tremendously original and compulsively readable picaresque Going Bovine, Bray goes all-out to explore her inner weird and has produced a provocative road novel for the 21st century.

Readers of the Gemma Doyle books may wonder if this is the same author. They expected a Going Bovine-type book, not gothic historical fantasy. During his deterioration, he suffered from horrifying hallucinations, including one in which he would see flames shooting up into his field of vision.

Growing up, she had a backstage pass into the Y-chromosome experience—many of her close friends were male and she was spared nothing by her brother, Stuart. She proudly declares that many of her female friends have pointed out she is a teen boy at heart.

All the poster boys for the vulnerable, disillusioned and sex-and-death obsessed. These imaginary people and products, such as Rad Soda, notch up the absurdity and surrealism quotient and allow Bray to slide in a little commentary on rampant consumerism, reality TV and branding.

But now I hear a ticking time bomb of death with every bite. Honestly, if you want to scoot toward vegetarianism, just research mad cow disease.

They have a gig with Frank Portman and the Mr. Sort of Lord of the Flies as channeled by P. Grant is the publisher of Small Beer Press. He does not eat hamburgers.


Libba Bray

Apr 10, Annalisa rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: beware of an overuse of the f word, blah Recommended to Annalisa by: YA book club Shelves: young-adult , book-club , magical-realism , humor , satire , voice , cover Bray takes on the great Don Quixote and delivers more than a modern satire. She gives us a wild ride worthy of Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz that is not only fun and hilarious but moving and exceptionally written. This novel is a monumental undertaking and somehow Bray accomplishes it. In the beginning, I found Cameron wholly unrelatable, but Bray is so witty and has such a way with sarcastic metaphors and sneaking in description so you see and smell and hear and feel the book without Bray takes on the great Don Quixote and delivers more than a modern satire. Gets fired from his job with good reason.


Going Bovine


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