Voodoojin Acharya Vikrmaditya Astrologer Acharya Vikrmaditya is a trainer, counsellor, and spiritual guide. Puja is the act kfshav showing reverence to a god, a spirit, or another aspect of the divine through invocations, prayers, songs, and rituals. Sorry, out of stock. Mudra help in moulding the Physical, Mental and even the Moral aspects of the individual. Mudra Science is based upon Tatva Yoga science of elements.

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Ask a question About the Author Acharya Vikrmaditya is a trainer, counselor and spiritual guide. His life had been devoted to the study of ancient Indian mystic science where he is evidently at home. Acharya Vikrmaditya has done Master in yoga and is Acharya in astrology. He is an expert in the science of mudra, remains committed to the preservation and popularization of this spiritual heritage. As he himself says the sole aim of his worships is to help those in ignorance and distress with this wonderful gift of God.

In these workshops you will also find the scientific rationale behind these esoteric sciences explained to you by him. Workshops conducted by Acharya ji cover subjects like Yoga Mudra, Swar Vigyan, Hath Yoga and Asanas, Ayurveda and practical guidance on different system of meditations.

Foreword Hands can heal - literally! There is a miraculous power hidden in our hands that can heal seemingly incurable diseases and connect us to the authentic consciousness that is our essence. Everything in existence owes its genesis to energy. The findings of modern science state energy as the fertile ground from which every thing has sprung.

Actually this chaitnya or energy is the over alive spiritual substratum which is creating, sustaining and dissolving phenomenal world. This secret lived on with the esoteric masters shielded from common masses and found expression in only their spiritual endeavours discourses. Today as the spiritual search deepens under the impact of materialism more and more new secrets find their way to us. Yoga stands tallest among such revelations. Modern man is more diseased and depressed than he had ever been.

Constitutional factors apart a great number of them are resulting from pollution, unhealthy habits and stress of modern day living. This is putting him at great disadvantage. A man under the spell of illness lives disconnected from himself.

On the other hand a person who experiences his inner vitality and clarity of mind, experiences joys of life and is a source of positivity for others too. How the sick too can achieve this state? As changing the myriad of outside factors remains beyond scope the best approach would be to fortify ourselves - to strike at the fount of bliss and vitality that lies in our very being. Mudras as Gurudev presents them to you are a key to this.

Mudra vigyan is a specialized branch of yoga. The subject remains hitherto little explored because there were no fuller scriptural references and it largely survived in secrecy. Still this vedic subject was adopted well by the Buddhists as the extensive coverage given to it in Tibetan scriptures show.

Yoga constitutes our civilisational heritage and the scientific developments in all ages have only authenticated its depth, originality and completeness. The variety and extent of phenomenal world defies logic.

Even after summoning our all powers we would succeed in unraveling it but a little. How yogis claim of knowing it intrinsically then? Because of yoga accords them the primal energy and consciousness which has went into making the subtlest to the grossest.

Thus laying it threadbare before them. It approaches the panorama of physicality with the tool of consciousness. Our ancient seers and yogis had discovered the reality of this body where the bone and flesh were the husk over this imperishable energy body. An illness thus primarily revealed an energy mal-functioning requiring adjustment. A lot many concepts appear gaining ground in our time as far as healing is concerned. They all however agree on the basic premise that healing is not something to be imposed from outside and body should be allowed to find its inner healing response - our work being limited to helping it achieve this end.

The best approach thus seems to redeem the body to its own corrective energies. None accomplishes this better than yoga and especially Yoga Mudras. Modern science has started accepting the role energy fields play in the life of living things.

In an interesting research in the auric scan of a yellowing leaf showed the accompanying energy field absent while in the case of a growing plant the energy outline of leaf was present even before it had appeared. As body is a complete system the corrective energies too must be present inside itself - it is reasoned. According to Yoga tatva mudra vigyan Yoga of elements the five constituents of this physical body are fire, air, ether, earth and water represented by our thumb, fore-finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger.

There is a tremendous flow of energy from our fingers. When we assume a particular mudra a subtle but very highly powerful elemental interaction starts inside reversing the defective state.

And once the optimum balance is reached, it stops of its own accord. As per yoga a live grid of intelligent energy underlies this physical frame. Auric is said to be an attribute of this same energy called prana. This prana alone is the ultimate healer. Mudra healings work at most harmless pace and are absolutely without any side-effects. The gift of mudras are two fold-they restore optimal health and enhance our mental and spiritual powers. With practice increased awareness, bliss and concentration all start adding one by one, however this remains for the individual as to with what objective he wants to do it.

A vibrant health though is sure to come to all who practice it. The Vivekananda Yogashram Hospital had been engaged in scientific research on therapeutic effects of Mudras for the last few decades and the results have been highly optimistic. It gives inexpensive, rapid healing, completely free from side effects, which young, old, healthy, sick all can easily follow. The hospital uses integrative approach referring to allopathy, yoga and naturopathy as the condition demands.

The chapter dealing with high blood pressure and heart disease explains the various causative lifestyle factors and suggests both mudra therapy and needed change in habits. Hormonal dysfunction induced diseases like thyroiditis and skin allergies have been explained in detail along with remedies since common masses have little knowledge about these disease. Medical conditions like Urticaria and irregular menses have been comprehensively dealt in respective chapters.

It lays down the dietary modifications also that should ideally accompany it. Other chapters take up such diverse conditions as sleep disorders, sinusitis, hair problems, vision anomalies etc. The diseases of cervical and spondylitis had been given extensive coverage since their occurrence is quite pronounced.

It is spaced over seven chapters. Spine is verily the backbone of our health. Sedentary lifestyle, poor posture and toxic accumulations in body are some of the common factors causing it.

If ignored in initial stages they take really troublesome form often incapacitating the patient. An effort is made here to give comprehensive remedy in the form of Sapt chakra asanas - a series of seven asanas dealing with chakras , invented by His Divine Grace Acharya Keshav Dev which addresses the disease at the pranic level and brings miraculous cure. The movements are very simple and no way bring strain on the body.

Supple spine is the key to overall good health, insists Acharya ji. The kriyas take only seven minutes. However the patient is advised to consult before beginning them. Proper dietary adjustments too have been recommended. The importance of memory can be hardly overstressed. A good memory is in fact indispensable. A lot of people these days report of falling memory, poor retention and related symptoms - which mostly are the effects of stress.

Gyan Mudra will work wonders in this case. It will not only arrest the process but would yield even better than earlier memory. The chapter also suggests lifestyle modifications for lasting cure. In the case of psychological disturbances it acts as a panacea restoring positive disposition where allopathy affords only symptomatic relief. Acharya ji goes on to stress that mantras have the occult power to attract prosperity if done in the spirit of ernest faith and devotion.

Beautiful Rig Vedic verses of propitiating Goddess Lakshmi accompany it. We remain grateful to Acharya ji for placing in our hands this gem of yoga.

He is considered foremost authority n yoga mudras. Acharya Vikramaditya too is well-versed in the subject and besides writing appears frequently in programs devoted to esoteric. Much work is underway to explore and more fully bring the miracle of yoga mudras to the masses.

The case compilations and research carried by the yogashram shall provide ideal ground for further examination. In the best interest of patient an integrated approach is envisioned here where allopathy, ayurveda and yoga all contribute on expedient basis. Work is also continuing on diseases like Cancer, Parkinson, Varicose veins, Gall bladder stones and the researches are confident of braking fresh ground. May you be healed! Preface Human body is the supreme machine of the nature, and much more advanced than any modern super computer.

According to the Indian Medical science and our seers and sages, the whole universe is composed of five elements and even the human body is also a composition of the same five elements. And nature has given five fingers in the hands of human body to represent the five elements, no doubt some people have more than five fingers in their hand, but clearly saying that extra finger is of no use.

To govern this supreme machine of the nature, our learned seers and sages rishis and tapaisvis after deep research and analyses had discovered Yoga Tatva Mudra Vigyan Science of Gestures.

And these gestures act like remote control to govern this miraculous human body very minutely. Physical ailments are the results of the disturbance in the equilibrium of the five elemental forces of the body. This imbalance can be cured through medicine, mantra vigyan or even through any therapy.

But Gurudev says that all these are the external things. We have earlier said that Human Body is complete in itself, then nature must have given or made some thing in this body itself to cure this imbalance of elements.

This imbalance of the elements can be easily cured through Science of Mudras.


Acharya Keshav Dev



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