Painless mobile networking, and Addressing. Addressing is one of the scariest parts. But fear not, for Ms. Hagen dissects IPv6 addresses clearly and in detail, showing that they have a logical, consistent, understandable structure.

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IPv6 Essentials follows in this tradition but also has something else. The book is a pleasure to read. IPv6, the next generation Internet Protocol, has been in the works since the early 90s when the rapid growth of the Internet threatened to exhaust existing IP addresses.

From about 20 years of operational experience with the existing protocol IPv4 , the new protocol offers scalability, increased security features, real-time traffic support and auto-configuration to make it easier for novice users to connect a machine to the Internet. I had read about half the volume. I sat there a minute thinking I must have zoned out and actually read nothing. I went to the table of contents and as I looked over the chapter titles I could recall actual passages here and there and I knew what the chapters had been saying.

The next morning I re-read sections and finally realized what had happened. Reading this book is almost like reading a novel by Isaac Asimov. The book covers all the expected areas. It shows how IPv6 differs from IPv4 and details the framing and addressing in the specification. Other chapters include quality of service, routing protocols and the upper layer protocols. The last chapter details how you can get your own IPv6 box up and running and covers Solaris, Linux, Microsoft and Cisco.

This book is not going to make you an expert on IPv6 the first time you read it. What it will do is make you want to come back and re-read it. Letters to the Editor are welcome and occasionally abused in public. Send e-mail to: whine kickstartnews.


IPv6 Essentials, 2nd Edition

Header five and six relate to security and authentication and each have their own RFC. One of the neat things about extension headers is that in the future if the need for new extensions arises, they can be added. Extension headers cont. This picture shows you how the extension header fits into an IPv6 packet. The first line you have the basic IPv6 header with no extension headers.


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Author Silvia Hagen takes system and network administrators, engineers, and network designers through the technical details of IPv6 features and functions, and provides options for those who need to integrate IPv6 with their current IPv4 infrastructure. The flood of Internet-enabled devices has made migrating to IPv6 a paramount concern worldwide. In this updated edition, Hagen distills more than ten years of studying, working with, and consulting with enterprises on PDF IPv6. But, in case you have already check this out publication and you are willing to produce their findings convincingly have you hang around to go out of a critique on our site we are able to publish both bad and the good evaluations. To put it differently, "freedom of speech" We wholeheartedly helped. Your current responses to reserve IPv6 Essentials - additional viewers will be able to decide about a publication.

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