Arashizilkree Nolit,p. To meditate and to learn or to study are two different activities or two kinds of energies aimed in opposite directions. Islam is the name for the unity of spirit and matter, the highest form of which is man himself. Starting from a quite different point, religion reestablished this difference.

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This post is my translation of the introduction chapter by the author, i hope you enjoy it and i hope i delivered my message the right way.

This book partially tries to answer this question. The Humane life is only completed when it has the Sensual desires and the Spiritual longings for the Human being.

And we can imagine those 2 World separated by time, Which means they are 2 Worlds following each other in a different course of time The Present and the Next , or a 2 Worlds existing at the same time but different in Nature and concept, and this is closer to reality.

On the contrary , all of the major Philosophies were monistic propensity. The Man during his life may discover through his experience the duality of the World, but the unitary is latent in every humane thought.

And since we are humans, we live factually. Although they continually clash, they remained till this day not revealing any kind of essential progress. And in the field of the practical humane goals those 2 lines stand in the Human thought on odds, the current represents the humane doctrine, while the second represents the progress. This reality created a mixture that is hard to find among it the right origin or the right place for a certain idea or a certain direction. And we, discussing the 2 ideas, aim to reach their clear form with their logical results at the end, and some times vague.

But for lots of us the picture would look sudden. And by this last example, We find historic materialism versus Christianity, and with the same logic : Creation versus Evolution, ideals versus interests, freedom versus symmetry, individuality versus society etc.

And in the tables that are being put in that book, the reader will see a much detailed attempt to categorize the ideas and opinions based upon this form. And we are standing in front of those 2 paralleled worlds that their logic are totally clashed with no cure, We feel deep inside ourselves that we ought to accept those 2 worlds together in an attempt to find a new natural balance for them. There are some main facts that every human being takes in consideration in this life, Regardless the Philosophical vision that he follows.

Those who fought against something in the past agree on the same thing in our current day, and only few thoughts remain just like an orient that gives the theory a better look. Marxism refused the family and the state, but from the practical side, it kept those 2 foundations.

And the question is : Can those 2 systems find an exit and at the same time remain as they are? Christianity that turned to a Church, started talking about work, fortune, power, education, science, marriage, laws, social justice, with lots of other things in practical life.

The new utopias in China, North Korea and Vietnam, consider itself the most stable and consistent form of Marxism teachings. And for real, these utopias are considered good examples for moderate solutions and for the inconsistency from the practical point of view.

And by this way, we found the extreme Marxism borrowing the 2 ruling principles that are found in the current Religion. And the compilers of this system admit it whether they like it or not, but facts remain as it is regardless of our recognition towards it.

Because the source of all these calls is Religion. But with no doubt , that every human being has the right to live the way he wants and the way he sees it suits him most, with his right to be incompatible with his own ideology.

With keeping the main points in our heads, we can say that Islam means to understand and to admit the initial duality of the World, and then defeating it. By this, Islam becomes a definition of a method more than a predated organized solution, and it means : the combination that unifies the opposing principles.

This main principle of Islam reminds us of the study that life was created upon. And symmetry with Man in this case is clear, for man is her interpreter and her scale. But, it should be clear and understood that Koran is not a literary book but a life.

And Islam itself is a way of life more than a way of thinking. And this combinational explosive vitality of Religion and Politics provides a massive power to the lives of the societies that embraced Islam.

And both are right but partially. But it only means the belonging to a certain group of people different from another one. So does it matter anymore if imperialism was called Britain or Germany or Islam, as long as it remains just a power that oppresses people? Islam is —and it should be remained like this- the continued search through history for the balancing condition of the outside and the inside. The problems that we deal with in that book are somehow synchronized with a form or another with the features that shape the current historic event.

And I mean by this : The division of the World into 2 clashed camps based on ideological conflict. The confrontation between the ideas is reflected upon reality with an apparent clarity that was never seen before, taking practical forms that are strictly shaped. It is extremely regretful, that this clash increases day after day.

And shows us 2 worlds that are divided into their core, politically, ideologically and emotional. This is the meaning of the third road, road of Islam.

And at last, I would like to finish using few words about this book itself. By this meaning, the issue of the book is not about Islam as an instructor but as a vision towards the World. Introductions in fact are a discussion about atheism and materialism.

Mainly, the Man is a spiritual element and not a biological or social one and cannot exist unless by the act of God creation. Atheism acknowledges science and progress. The contradiction between culture and civilization assures in reality a main contradiction between conscience and mind, between existence and nature, or in the practical level between religion and science. Every culture is a believer in its essence, and every civilization is atheistic.

And by expansion in this analysis and deepening it, the first section of the book acknowledges this overall duality for the humane world presented in those insoluble contradictions between the soul and the body, between religion and science, between culture and civilization.

Socialism is also an expression to the same level of awareness. The impasse itself is also cast, only the choice is different, and the Non-Christian socialism is the overturned of Christianity. Can man defeat this contradiction : either this or that, either heaven or earth, or is Man condemned to be always tensed forever between both? Is there somehow a way that through it science can serve religion, health, devotion, progress, and humanity?

The second section of the book is devoted to that question. And the answer is : Yes, in Islam. Islam was found before Man and Islam as the Koran stated is the principle of how the Man was created upon. Therefore we find a harmonic connate between Man and Islam, or as the book calls it the stratification of Islam along with Man.

Just as the Man is the unity of soul and body, Islam is the unity of both religion and social order, and also just as the body during the prayer can bound to the movement of the soul, the social order by its turn can serve the higher ideals and values of religion and ethics. This concept that we are about to discuss is being searched in the 2nd section of the book, through discussing a chain of issues in the fields of religion, law, culture, and the political history.

Those 2 principles go deep down inside in the structure of Islam. Any single sided extremism in those both understandings is considered a descent to the level of Christian logic, violating the center of Islam. The author noticed the symptoms of this phenomenon especially in the Anglo-Saxon world. And the book ends with an article about submission to God considering him the soul of Islam.

Alija Izetbegovic.


Islam between East and West

He declared bankruptcy in The manifesto was banned by the government. However, he and his supporters were accused by the Communist authorities of reviving the "Young Muslims" organisation and of a conspiracy to set up an "Islamically pure" Bosnia and Herzegovina. In , as communist rule faltered, he was pardoned and released after almost five years in prison.


Islam Between East and West



Islam Between East And West Alija Izetbegovic



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