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Chapter 5: Responsibility of the management Chapter 6: Management of resources Chapter 7: Product realization Chapter 8: Measurement, Analysis and Improvement The process-oriented approach to business processes that is addressed in the ISO is the base of the standard. It looks at the business processes in a process environment in which there are interactions and interfaces that need to be recognized, mapped and controlled by the quality management system. Additionally the gateways to the exterior to sub-suppliers, customers and to remote locations are defined. The Standard distinguishes between customer-oriented processes, supporting processes and management processes. This process-oriented approach is intended to improve the overview of the whole process. This is not an isolated process, but a combination of all interacting business processes which affect the quality performance of a firm.

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What is TS ? TS was an internationally recognized Quality Management System specification for the automotive industry. TS is the last internationally recognized Quality Management System specification for the automotive industry.

TS was developed for the Automotive Industry. It contained all of the requirements of ISO plus several additional requirements specifically for the Automotive Industry. Basics of TS TS defines the Quality Management System requirements for automotive suppliers throughout the automotive industry supply chain. View the Basics of TS tutorial.

The International Organization of Standards, ISO is a worldwide organization that develops many different kinds of standards. Why do companies want to Implement TS ? Registration to TS was a requirement for any company wanting to supply its products to the Automotive Industry. The first step in this development was often for the supplier to achieve third party registration to ISO Can anyone receive TS certification? Our All-in-One Certification Package is a proven, efficient system.

It gives you all you need to prepare for registration — in one simple to use package. Thank you for producing documents of this quality" Bettye Patrick.


¿Cuál es la diferencia existe entre ISO TS 16949 e ISO 9001?



ISO/TS 16949


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