Why many Malaysian citizen force to pay those other people problem? Continously 5 month you will receive allowance. Thanks bros and sisters! Show posts by this member only Post 4.

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Sometimes they really misread your wordings in the form and send to wrong email. This is how insurance works. Last two days went ask how to pay, download and fill lampiran email to them and pay OTC Ytd go, cannot pay. Carumzn have EIS chart 0. Help out others pls. Just checked with product owners they say our bank system not supporting it carumaan of now.

Show posts by this member only IPv6 Post 3. Jan 3 Pundek xaruman bijan and his dumb ass ideas. Malaysia is super good at adding burdens to people.

IPerkeso payment need you manually key in one by one if not mistaken. No wonder salary short by RM 7. Cauman posts by this member only Post 5. Social Security Organisation Socso contributors over the age of 40 can now get free medical check-ups at 50 private clinics in the district. Yes, thank you so much. Existing employers use Forms 2 and 2A.

D i have doubt also, need some help: Now I am totally confused. The EIS contribution total approximately 1. If someone is 60yrs 10 mths currently Socso contribution is by Employer only, no employee contributiondoes it mean he has to contribute 2 mths EIS? If im not retrenched, id b paying for nothing. Jadusl no one saw or respond to the email ke. RM for 3 months Apr 27jaduaal Then they will tell me what to do.

Rich help poor mah. So, no need to go to Perkeso counter. TOP Related Posts.



Shakasar BR1M to be continued 16 May Some of my friends told me they might registered the forms and password created but their server has problem to send email out to related parties. Jan 16 I used that link and jaduwl the temporary password. How often do u get crisis? Working adult should have saving and financial plannings. This post has been edited by danielmckey: HR need to fill up the registration form SIP of the employee list But many people who called in to confirm got different answers altogether.


Rate Of Contribution

Tak D i have doubt also, need some help: I wonder if I can get refunded Jadul no, where the money goes? I encounter problem on uploading the textfile wo, gd dam it. Can you confirm this? SIP Form 2 e. Cilaka There goes my jiken cha siu rice plate every month. I plan to get retrench and claim benefits! Now I am totally confused.

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