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Overview Three-Way Triamplified ScreenArray Loudspeaker System The ScreenArray features true three-way system design enhanced for critical film sound reproduction in medium to large cinemas environments. The "Next Generation" Screen Array systems feature the NEW large format, 3", neodymium, titanium diaphragm frequency compression driver for ultra high performance. This new high frequency driver is coupled with the patented high frequency horn featuring Screen Spreading Compensation to correct for high frequency distortion through perforated screens. The new low frequency sections feature the patented Differential Drive 15" woofers for power handling and reduced distortion.

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Currently I have nexo! Power, finesse, even at high levels, a sound fabulous, warm, precise, but happiness, I find that the sound cuts J are the very best! The less is the weight, we can not have everything! I find that there has been in against an opinion on these speakers completely crazy, probably deaf, or else of jealousy, pure and simple!

I did listen to evidence the system full concert halls, open air, every time people come and tell me that they rarely took snaps at this point as his! The manufacture of the body is super strong, it is a heavy but you can not have it all. This is the real hp jbl and still no rfren hp custom as in Concur and not found in case of breakage!! It is found because sales are from word of mouth, confidential genre. I finally found one pair of team more with the rings to be suspended factory option which sounds devilishly good.

Without hesitation whatsoever, I would do this choice with regard to the reputation of the brand and the ease of resale. I cost of Nexo and other L Acoustics assemblers products that sembl me on a long concert will not hold a charge, and run out of steam after 3 hours of concert.

Information taken fabriqus on HP specifications and tender.. What I prefer: power handling, dynamics, finesse. Did you find this review helpful?





JBL 4732, Three-Way Biamplified or Triamplified (T) ScreenArray Loudspeaker System


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