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Rather, she is actually in the business of helping men to become better men. Essentially, she entered the pick-up community back in … though she did so with a lot of skepticism.

But she has since changed her mind, and proven this belief quite wrong! As I started to read about Kezia Noble, I started to understand that she is one of the biggest and most prolific seduction experts on the planet. You can find her videos all over YouTube, and she has written several books one of which I will be talking about a bit further along in this article.

But here is the real question. Can Kezia Noble actually help you to pick up women? Or is she mostly selling generic advice in very, very sexy packaging? I decided to do a deep-dive into this fascinating woman, and figure out once and for all if she is a good choice for men who are trying to learn how to pick up women in the real world.

What do we think of Kezia Noble? But as she began working with them, she said that she was amazed at the lack of female coaches. There were literally none! As time went on, and as she became a more important and successful coach in the scene, she quit her other gigs and started focusing completely on being a pickup coach as her full-time job.

Eventually, she wound up formulating some of her own methods… new methods that no other coaches were using. And as it turns out, she has revolutionized what a lot of people used to think about pickup and game. Press Appearances Noble quickly gained a reputation for her no-nonsense method of teaching.

This led to her getting some pretty serious media attention early-on in the game. In , she wrote her own book. But do Her Methods Work? I will admit that I was a bit skeptical of Kezia Noble at first. She is, after all, a very attractive woman. But thankfully, what I found was the opposite. Not only does Kezia Noble seem to be very knowledgeable, but she also seems to be one of the true industry-leaders in her market.

So yeah. As it turns out, her good looks are just an added bonus! If you are a man looking to woo beautiful women around you, the hottest thing about Kezia Noble is definitely her brain! I will explain why in just a little bit. Other Expert Opinions In researching Kezia Noble and trying to figure out what other experts think of her, it quickly became apparent to me that she is actually one of the biggest, if not THE biggest dating coach on the planet.

I watched a YouTube video of a guy who took one of her courses below. You might want to check it out, because it is actually really cool. But at the same time, this guy seemed very authentic. He was just a normal guy who decided to spend the money required to take her 7 day mastery course. And he seemed truly blown away and amazed by the results. She seems to be a true professional who understands the game at many levels. She also employs a number of other coaches who are also world-class trainers in their own specific areas of expertise.

But then again, we are left with an important question that is impossible to ignore. There are many dating coaches in the world. What makes her so great? From what I have seen, there is literally zero reason to believe that Kezia Noble is not one of the most accomplished and prolific and possibly the best pickup trainers in the world. You can also obviously find a ton of information about her on her official website. You can also find links to all of her podcast channels here.

There is a lot of value to be found on all of these pages… though my favorite is probably the YouTube channel. She puts out some really awesome videos that are actually really helpful and informative. Her Instagram is also really cool! Our 3 Favorite Podcasts with Kezia Noble As of the time that this was written, there were only 18 podcast episodes on her podcast list.

But, with that being said, there is still a lot of value to be found within those episodes that she does have posted.

Firstly, the guests she had on each one of these episodes were very interesting and brought a lot of valuable information to the table.

Secondly, each one of these episodes brought a lot of interesting information to the table about topics that I believe are actually crucial to being a powerful alpha male and landing more dates with beautiful women. I especially liked the episode about The Modern Alpha Male.

This episode featured two different members of her team who used vastly different approaches to achieve the same thing. I will admit that I prefer to watch her videos or read her books than to listen to her podcast.

There are a lot of different training options on the official website. Free Gift Videos At the top of her landing page, Kezia offers website visitors a free gift… access to over 7 hours of footage from her and her team of experts, where they share some of their best-kept secrets on attraction and seduction. To gain instant access to these videos, all you have to do is sign up by providing your email. That is a lot of value for literally zero money! This course is custom designed for each student by Kezia herself, to meet personal requirements and to help each student meet their personal goals.

Each day of the training includes 10 hours of in-field instruction! This is supposed to ensure a maximally immersive and transformational experience. All things considered, this is the gold-standard of products offered on her website. If you want to go for the training that will probably offer you the best chance at getting better at winning with hot women… then this is the one for you.

Plus, they have a flexible installment plan in place to help make it more affordable… which is pretty awesome! Here is what she offers, along with a little bit of information on each one. This includes virtually all of her electronic products, which you can either order as DVDs that come right to your home, or gain instant-access to over her website. There are also several ebooks. If you really want to master the art of seduction, but do not feel like actually going to a class, this may be your best bet!

It is basically the deep-dive guide to getting over approach anxiety! If you are a guy who has a difficult time approaching women, then this ebook was literally designed for you! Online Dating Success For Men This ebook helps men with online dating—which is becoming a bigger and bigger trend among beautiful women!

This ebook literally helps with every single facet of the online dating game. And if you are a guy who uses online dating websites or apps, for any reason, then it sounds like this book could bring a LOT of value to your life! But with how much of the dating game happens online these days, Kezia Noble is really helping to provide a lot of information to a lot of people who need it with this book!

So yes, it is a bit on the high side—but certainly not so high that it is not worth it. Every one of her books seems like a work that could literally revolutionize your ability to succeed with women I can actually attest to this, which we will get to in a moment! So keep in mind that these are not cheap, gimmicky products. Kezia is certainly a professional who knows her stuff.

Which is why we feel like the prices are actually really fair. The book covers 20 steps that will help you to become more successful at attracting the kind of women you want, while also helping you to avoid problems and pitfalls along the way!

Over men from all over the world attended it. It consists of 8 hours of amazing event footage, including talks given by Kezia herself, as well as other pick up instructors. Deep Connection DVD This DVD set provides hours of groundbreaking techniques that will give you a step-by-step breakdown of some of the most powerful pick-up secrets ever revealed.

It is split into 25 different steps, each one carefully broken down and explained in fine and logical detail. You can forget about vague descriptions or generic explanations in this set! It basically helps you to make a powerful and positive impact on the women you walk up and introduce yourself to.

This DVD set is an awesome option for men who want to form deeper connections faster! This set actually sounded really cool. She is, after all, one of the biggest names in the game. The 10 Hook Lead System If you ever feel like you run out of things to say to women, then this system is perfect for you!

Many men experience this… the frustration of wanting to continue a conversation, even though they cannot think of a single additional thing to talk about. I have actually had the opportunity to look into this a bit… and I can tell you right now that it is dynamite!

This system actually does work. So you may want to check it out if you have problems keeping up a lively, fun conversation with beautiful women. It will teach you how to seduce women through eye contact, timing, and vocal tonality… among other things.

And yet, so few men ever manage to master them! In this video series, Kezia Noble teams up with Vio Fasakerley… a peak performance coach and lifestyle development mentor for the elite. They teach you how to make a maximum impact on women with body language and confidence. It helps viewers to find the confidence to approach and seduce women, and helps them to finally master the fear that is holding them back.

Here is a quote from the DVD description that I feel does a really good job of describing what it is all about. I decided to order the paperback version of this book to read before writing this article, for two reasons. For one, I wanted a physical copy that I could keep in my collection, because I had a feeling that I was going to like it.


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