The Pembe savanna is northwest to north of the resort. The north wing is the one on the left side of the map as your facing it with 9 building pods from the lobby and has the pool to its west. The south wing is the one on the right side with 8 building pods quite small one at the end. It is the wing that runs toward the Jambo entrance.

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The two resorts share an overall design aesthetic, but Kidani Village is more intimate with a significantly smaller lobby. That is not to say that Kidani is somehow less than Jambo House: the design and details at Kidani are fantastic and many prefer the quieter, calmer feel of Kidani. Like Jambo House, Kidani Village borders the savanna and about half of its rooms have spectacular, animal-filled views.

Other amenities include a fitness center; an arcade; a gift shop; and tennis, shuffleboard, and basketball courts. Kidani Village is connected to Jambo House by a half-mile walking trail; DVC guests at either resort can use the facilities at both buildings.

One thing Kidani does not have is a Quick Service dining option. You may wake up one morning and have a giraffe looking in your window. Animal Kingdom Lodge does offer a fitness center. A dedicated parking lot across from the lobby serves as temporary parking for those who need it while checking in.

If you have checked-in online and already have your MagicBand, the resort will simply send you a text with your room number when it is ready. Then you can go straight to the room and use your MagicBand to open the door, skipping the lobby altogether. While parents are completing the paperwork, kids can unwind in a nearby play area decorated with child-sized furniture, and a television showing classic Disney animated films.

Get theme park tickets and dining reservations at the Concierge Desk, to the right of the Registration Desk. If you need to check in and obtain theme park tickets, you can save some time in line if one adult gets in line for tickets just after another adult starts the registration process.

The Concierge Desk can also make Disney dining reservations, and you can avoid a wait there by making them online prior to arrival. Most rooms at Kidani Village are larger, however, and the difference is anywhere from 50 square feet for a studio to more than square feet for a two-bedroom unit. Because of the difference in area, one-bedroom units in Kidani Village can accommodate up to five people, and two-bedroom units can hold up to nine via a sleeper chair in the living room.

Kidani Village Studios: Studios sleep up to four people and include one queen-size bed and one double sleeper sofa.

Kidani Village 1-Bedroom Villa: The 1-bedroom villa sleeps 5 and provides a formal kitchen, a second bathroom and a living room in addition to the studio bedroom. Kidani Village Two-bedroom villas: Two-bedroom villas sleep nine and include all of the kitchen amenities found in a one-bedroom, plus an extra bathroom. One of the baths is attached to a second bedroom with two queen beds or a queen bed plus a sleeper-sized sofa. Bathrooms in the two-bedroom villas are laid out a bit better than those in the one-bedrooms, with more room to move about.

Kidani Village Studio Villa. Kidani Village Grand Villas: The two-story Grand Villas sleep 12 and include four bathrooms, the same master-bedroom layout, and two bedrooms with two queen beds apiece. An upstairs seating area overlooking the main floor provides a sleeper sofa and chair.

A Grand Villa living room. Water pressure in the shower is average - probably less than what you get at home, but still enough to get your hair clean. A separate dressing area next to the bathroom includes two sinks, and enough counter space to fit most of the toiletries you would need.

The dressing area includes a sliding door that separates it from the sleeping area. Combined with the bathroom, this means that 3 people can get dressed at the same time. Some feature roll-in showers, while others include assistive hearing devices. Use our hotel room finder to see which rooms have which feature Standard Views and Savanna Views Disney knows that some hotel rooms are better than others. Most people want something pretty to look at from their hotel room window.

The main draw with these rooms are the animals that roam the Savanna during the day. The view from your window for the most part includes landscaping and trees.

Standard View: Standard rooms generally have unremarkable views of landscaping or parking lots. These are the cheapest rooms at Animal Kingdom Lodge, but there are some gems to be found in this category, though, using our Animal Kingdom Lodge Room Finder.

Samawati Springs Pool sits sits near the outside of the lobby at the front of the resort. There is also a hot tub, kiddie pool and water player area. The pool is open every day, including during winter. Samawati Springs Pool has one water slide that all ages are free to use. Guests can find showers, storage lockers, restrooms, and laundry facilities. Child: Weight lbs. Adult XS: Weight more than 90 lbs. Adult S: Weight more than 90 lbs. Adult M: Weight more than 90 lbs. Adult L: Weight more than 90 lbs.

Chest size in. Adult XL: Weight more than 90 lbs. Adult XXL: Weight more than 90 lbs. Additionally, there may be a small supply of even larger vests. Inquire at your resort. Our advice is to send someone down to the pool to check the towel situation before you go. If you end up using your room towels at the pool, just call Housekeeping when you get back and request more. Some of us will occasionally bring something like a whiffle ball for playing catch in the pool.

Also note that kids with pool toys become very popular with other kids in the pool who want to play too. Check with any lifeguard for assistance on using the lift. Diverse Old and New World wines match the cuisine. Boma - Flavors of Africa Boma Breakfast Menu - Boma Dinner Menu The menu rarely changes, as Boma-Flavors of Africa is a favorite of locals and visitors who return time and again for the salads, roasted meats, and interesting sauces.

If you like a major bang for your buck, try Boma. A big dining room with side-by-side food stations that encourage diners to roam about and graze, just like the animals that wander about outside the lodge. The house specialties are watermelon rind salad; Moroccan seafood salad; roasted meats, Durban spiced roasted chicken, and vegetable skewers. Dishes are beautifully spiced and full of flavor. Jiko has a special ambience, from the young African exchange students who greet guests as they enter to a menu of unusual tastes.

A pair of large wood-burning ovens dominates the center of the room. House specialties are the wood-fired flatbreads; trio of dips with house- made naan Indian flatbread ; oak-grilled filet mignon with red-wine sauce and sweet-corn risotto; maize-crusted corvine. The standout items here are the chicken or falafel pitas. Besides pizza, chicken wings, desserts, beer, wine, and sodas are also available. However, delivery can take up to 90 minutes, and the food quality is often below average.

Pizza delivery hours are 4 PM to midnight daily. Animal Kingdom Lodge has one lounge and two pool bars to consume adult beverages at. Victoria Falls Lounge has indoor seating and a full drink menu with several beer selections, wines, and a selection of spirits. The lounge is usually open 4 PM to 12 AM daily. Uzima Springs Pool Bar has a small selection of specialty drinks, African beer and wine. Maji Pool Bar is located near the pool at Kidani Village. It also offers a selection of specialty drinks, African beer and wine, as well as limited grab-and-go dining options.

Follow Osceola Pkwy for about 5. At those prices, it may be less expensive to rent a car and park it at the hotel. Each theme park has its own bus stop somewhere along the wall. Because of this busses will fill occasionally with people at Jambo House and then head to Kidani Village.

Bus schedules to the water parks and Disney Springs are a little less frequent, and you could wait anywhere from 12 to 37 minutes for a ride. Buses run a little slower from around 11 AM to around 4 PM, when most people are already in a park.

Your waits to return to your hotel from a theme park should average out to around 30 minutes under most circumstances. We suggest you still allow at least an hour for that.

This option can also take some time depending on where you are going and how frequent the boats are running. Pickup and return times are at your convenience. It is open 24 hours a day. Johari Treasures also sells basic pharmacy items such as sunscreen, aspirin, allergy and cold medicine, baby diapers and formula, shampoo, and the like.

Walkers, joggers and runners can find a jogging trail. The trail is a 0. Kids ages may take part. Services vary, but children generally can be left between PM and midnight. Milk and cookies and blankets and pillows are provided at all centers, and dinner is provided at most. Play is supervised but not organized, and toys, videos, and games are plentiful. Guests at any Disney resort or campground may use the services.

Two companies provide in-room sitting in Walt Disney World and surrounding areas. Both provide sitters older than age 18 who are insured, bonded, screened, reference-checked, police-checked, and trained in CPR. In addition to caring for your kids in your room, the sitters will, if you direct and pay , take your children to the theme parks or other venues.

Neither service will transport your children in private vehicles or give baths.


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