The 1 best-selling book in the world on the subject of KPI The most respected book in the world on the subject of key performance indicators is now released in its third edition. It now includes a completely new section which covers the entire Sales Process from beginning to end. It marries up exactly with the book Close More Deals to provide the scientific evidence you need to understand the sales department in the context of a dealership as a whole; yet another world first. Workshop Loading: Since time began, the science of understanding how to load a workshop effectively has eluded managers, but now the evidence is here with brand new KPI on Loading Efficiency and Technical Efficiency. You now have the power of knowing how to load your workshop in advance to ensure you clear all the work to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and also how to optimise your loading to optimise your profitability. No more guesswork, all the KPI and supporting evidence is here for you.

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He was then very quickly contracted to major manufacturers in the United Kingdom to work as part of their teams. He knew they existed in all of the manufacturers composite data, but he realised that whilst some Dealer Principals and department managers understood some of the KPI, there were huge gaping holes in knowledge and increasing operational performance was always going to be a challenge.

Beginning a new chapter in life Just after starting his company, he had the idea of writing a book to help people to understand KPI because there was no central point of reference, there was nothing in place at all. The negativity was relentless and no one offered any support. Jeff still retained a very strong inner self-belief and an unerring determination to succeed.

The one thing he knew was that if he was going to make his vision a reality, he would have to do it alone. He firmly believed that some people would find such a book to be useful. He believed that if he could get his book into the hands of 1, people, he will have made a difference to their businesses, their lives and their families lives, that would be payment enough. Driven by his belief and passion of contribution, he decided to ignore the nay-sayers and he no longer shared his ideas for the book with anyone.

Instead, he wrote down his goal with clarity and gave himself 1 year to write and publish his book. He awoke most days at am and went into his study where he would write until am, he then continued with his full time job of training. Upon completion of the book, his health declined quite badly. On 16 April, , Jeff Smith published his 1st book. The KPI Book, the ultimate guide to understanding the key performance indicators of your business was released to the world well, to be honest, it was only released to a few people in the UK.

Prior to the publication of the book, Jeff made a mock-up and he showed it to a few clients. Shortly after the official publication, the book went global and received the very highest critical acclaim from industry leaders all around the world. The book was indeed making a difference to peoples lives just as he had planned. This edition remain in print until On 26 May, , he published his 2nd book.

After spending a number of years conducting training, Jeff knew that one of the biggest weaknesses was the correct understanding of the Service Department and how to make a positive difference. This book also received critical acclaim because for the first time ever, not only were the KPI definitions fully explained, but there are more than best-practice ideas an how to improve operational performance.

Needless to say, it very quickly became a 1 best-seller. This book still remains in print today and continues to improve businesses all over the world. As Jeff became more and more respected and well-known for his training all over the world, there was greater demand for his work to be translated. Jeff needed someone who could not only translate, but who also knew how to translate to the industry with a meaningful understanding of what was being translated.

The book was an outstanding success and remained in print until with copies being sold all over the world, especially to the French-speaking colonies in the Caribbean and Canada. Management Accounts Made Easy, the ultimate guide to understanding the financial information of your business. Jeff wrote this book in 30 days and it is today the 1 leading publication for making it easy for Accountants and Managers to communicate with each other so that performance can be improved in the workplace.

A this stage, Jeff had created various brand new concepts with KPI and wanted to share them with the world. For the first time ever, the world was united in their measurements because the science has been uncovered and was irrefutable. It remained in the public domain and in print until 17 September, On 5 August , Jeff published his 6th book. Close More Deals, the ultimate guide to winning more customers, increasing sales and making more profit.

Yet again, Jeff created another world first by collating everything in the sales process into one place for a single point of reference. This book achieved critical acclaim for looking at the science behind human behaviour to understand how people make decisions to buy things and then matching up this evidence with a scientific sales process to align sales people with their customers much more effectively.

This book has reach outside of the automotive industry to revolutionise how the art of selling is maximised together with customer satisfaction. On 17 September , Jeff published his 7th book. This edition has double the content of the First Edition and sees the inclusion of a whole new section on Sales Process and yet again, Jeff has created some ground-breaking new concepts that were eluding the automotive industry.

Now for the first time the KPI and its evidence is provided for Workshop loading, Advisor Efficiency, Technicians Speed and it also provide for the Bodyshop together with revised benchmarks on other areas. This book really is the ultimate edition to beat all others. Delegates the world over take great delight in training with Jeff Smith and owning his books which have a very special place in history The Journey Continues Jeff Smith is in very high demand as a Motivational Speaker and Trainer.

His teachings and methods are not limited to the automotive industry, he speaks at conferences and conducts training all over the world for many different businesses and industries. If you have any questions about Jeff Smith, his many books or you want to find out more about him as a Motivational Speaker or Trainer, you can visit these links:.


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