Feedback is absolutely necessary for fully or partially automated operation. This information is needed in order to know if a train may enter a particular track or not. The feedback module LR has 8 inputs to connect switch contacts or occupancy detectors LB and 1 input to connect a voltage detector LB To bridge unstable switch conditions e. The status is reported to the command station LZV via the feedback bus.

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Page 3 from acts of violence or from overheating or from the effects of moisture etc. Furthermore, in all such cases guarantees become invalid. Bild 3. Der Zug kann nun aus der Schleife ausfahren. Page 15 Anwendungstipps 8. Die Gleise sind nur als ein dicker Strich dargestellt. Page 16 Information LK 8. Wollen Sie einen Schattenbahnhof innerhalb einer Kehrschleife aufbauen, so darf nicht der gesamte Schattenbahnhof der Kehrschleifenbereich sein.

Page 17 8. Page 18 Information LK 8. Page 20 Information LK Problem: Reverse loop Every other owner of a two-wire system can tell you a thing or two about it: If you assemble a reverse loop in a two-wire system, a short circuit will occur where the reverse-loop track rejoins the main track, because the track that was previously the right track now abuts the left track.

Page 21 This short circuit can be avoided only through a polarity separation on both sides. A separation only on one side, at the entry of the loop, does not suffice, because the wheels, when crossing the separated tracks, reconnect the tracks and will thus cause the short circuit.

Therefore, a separation is also required on the other side, at the exit of the loop. Functioning of the LK The LK automatically creates the required polarity of the loop when crossing the separation points. Page 24 When crossing the separation point at the exit of the loop, a new short circuit is caused, prompting the LK to reverse the polarity again see Figure 3. The train can now exit the loop. A direct connection to the amplifier which supplies this track section is also possible.

The reverse-loop area highlighted in grey that has been isolated on both the entry and the exit sides is connected to terminals "J" Of course, you can also use the left detector. Page 31 User tip 8. Please note that the reverse-loop area marked grey in the Figures which is the area supplied by the LK must always be so long as to be able to accommodate in its entirety the longest train operating on the layout.

Page 32 Information LK 8. If you want to assemble a hidden section in a reverse loop, the hidden section may not include the entire reverse- loop area. Page 33 8. Separations on both sides Figure Reverse-loop area within a wye Page 34 Information LK 8. The tracks connected to the track exits are only supplied with power if the platform points at them.

In digital operation, it is possible to leave on the light and the smoke generator while the locomotives are out of service.

Page 48 Information LK 8. Page 49 8. Page 50 Information LK 8. Keep this operation manual for future reference!


Die einfach sichere Kehrschleifenlösung von Digital plus



Module boucle de retournement LK200 digitale-Toutes échelles-LENZ-12200



Digital plus Kehrschleifenmodul LK200



Lenz Digital Plus LK200 Manual


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