Lucky not to be killed for being undersized, he was not raised as a prince like his eldest brother, Cleomenes, who was heir to the throne, but instead had to endure the harsh upbringing of ordinary Spartan youth. Barefoot, always a little hungry, and subject to harsh discipline, Leonidas had to prove himself worthy of Spartan citizenship. Struggling to survive without disgrace, he never expected that one day he would be king or chosen to command the combined Greek forces fighting a Persian invasion. But these were formative years that would one day make him the most famous Spartan of them all: the hero of Thermopylae.

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Schrader, Im going to be honest and admit that it wasnt quite what I was expecting. I thought I was going to be reading a fictional story about the legendary Leonidas. I did count on historical facts being woven throughout the book but I figured they would only be used to provide that realistic feel. What I got was a book that seemed to focus on education, culture, laws and the Spartan way of life.

Leonidas was present, but at times he seemed almost an afterthought… Superfluous as his mother would say… When I finished, and being slightly dissatisfied, I decided to look at this book from a different point of view.

It flowed like a non-fiction book. It seemed to be mainly facts and figures with hardly any suspense, drama or humor. Every now and again there was a glimmer of something but then it vanished almost as quickly as it had appeared. At this point I remembered reading that Schrader had previously published four non-fiction books.

I realized that this would help explain the writing style. It is a solid book and I would classify it as an interesting read. She is also descriptive but, because of her writing style, her words tend to come across as if they belong in a college textbook or The story was compelling and interesting, the characters were multidimensional and believable,the pace was exciting, and the history lessons and finally the truth about the real Sparta abundant!

The author does a wonderful job creating the character of young Leonidas and following him as he develops into a young man is very entertaining. I highly recommend this to those who enjoy historical fiction with real historical information of the highest I really enjoyed this book in more ways than one.

I highly recommend this to those who enjoy historical fiction with real historical information of the highest quality. I will be ordering the rest of the series shortly. It is obvious that the author knows the area very well and can describe it in minute details.

However, for someone who has never been there a map would have been very helpful.


Leonidas of Sparta: A Boy of the Agoge

Schrader The historical record tells us very little about the life of Leonidas. His death is legendary. His last days have inspired great works of art and popular enthusiasm. But who was Leonidas?

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