Chacun fait comme il veut. On domestique un chien, ou un chat. Pas un enfant?! Quand on va y repenser, on va se punir encore et encore. Cela devient un peu notre cauchemar personnel. Sans jamais trouver de quoi nous satisfaire.

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Shelves: nevermind OK. I liked several parts of this book very much. I love that happiness is a choice. I loved the parts about accepting and loving yourself and others. There is some amazing advise in this little book and I can see how it can be life changing for many people. Even though it sounds very pretty when said by a dude made of stars and fog, "Everything is God" is a meaningless statement.

Believe what you like about God, but saying everything is God is just the same as saying nothing is God, in which case you ought to go ahead and say what you mean and be a respectable atheist. He almost lost me again at the John Lennon quote, just before the beginning of Chapter One.

Little known fact: John Lennon quotes are a pet peeve of mine. Who knew- right? And then again when he kept using the word "dreamy-dream-dreamer" to make everything sound super emotive and enlightened. Like not stealing. Or speeding through residential neighborhoods. On the other hand, if by "the dream of the planet" he means cultural customs like judging people for their hairstyle or the music they like then I agree that "the dream of the planet" is bad news.

See, it would be helpful if he were slightly less mysterious in his approach. Once I managed to sort through the new-age incense and magic Not my flavor , I actually agreed with the four agreements. Imagine that. Lewis, Dr. Seuss, Steven Covey, Jesus Christ, and many others. That is how we become a happy person. That is what most religions teach. Its no secret- its just surprisingly difficult to remember and put into practice.

Props to Ruiz for reminding me of this and for writing a book to help others. While his writing style made me vomit a little in my mouth, still he meant well and has assuredly encouraged many on the path to happiness. I would add, it is my personal belief that our reason for being- our purpose on earth is to learn to be happy.

And truly happy people are always good people. Not perfect, but good. And I would add further that it stands to reason that the better a person is, the happier she becomes. Which is where religion takes the four agreements a step further, claiming that we are eternal beings and if so then we are day by day over an eternity either becoming more like God, or less like God.

We are either progressing towards perfect happiness or perfect misery. Ruiz inspired me to write my own book.


L’Enseignement des 4 Accords Toltèques



Bonheur : quels sont les Quatre accords toltèques ?


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