Shelves: nonfiction First attempt at yoga, so here I go! I felt very stretched and awake after exercising. Overall, the exercises stretch me just enough to feel more limber without feeling sore all day. I feel good, First attempt at yoga, so here I go!

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DVD Email for more info: hittlemanyoga hotmail. With the delightful look of vintage film, it aired for over 20 years in 19 countries.

Richard hittleman has brought yoga to millions through his books, tv programs and dvds! You receive 6 dvds. Each contain 5 tv programs.

Practicing 1 program a day for 28 days will bring amazing benefits! The "yoga for health tv series" - 30 programs on 6 dvds. Made separately from the TV programs. Richard Hittleman guides you through the basic Yoga postures with his style of gradually increasing your Yoga routine. This is a practical complete workout of basic Yoga!

Use it alone or as a daily companion to his television series or Yoga 28 day plan DVDs! Learn the Classical Yoga method for health, fitness and peace of mind. Quiet the emotions and really learn to relax! He and assistant Kari guide you through two complete classes that can be used regularly! He explains the benefits of these major Yoga exercises as you follow his instructions. Yoga exercises He and his students guide you through 5 Meditations that help you learn to focus and give you peace of mind.

Meditation is the most important activity that a person can do. When you can quiet the mind and emotions and really learn to relax, your entire life gets better and you enter Spiritual awareness. Regular practice gives great benefits. You learn 5 Meditation techniques after doing an optional 10 minute Hatha Yoga routine. Meditation gives you peace of mind.


Richard Hittleman: The 1960’s One-Man Yoga Movement, BLOG, MARCH 2013

Check it out at www. This book is from the yoga pioneer who brought Hatha Yoga to the masses via TV in the s and s. I see that it continues to benefit her in numerous ways. So, I thought I should look more deeply into his approach to Hatha Yoga. However the practice plan and the yoga poses asanas themselves remain timeless. The foreword to the book promises that practically anyone, regardless of age or physical condition, will benefit from diligently following this 28 day plan.


Richard Hittleman’s Yoga 28 Day Exercise Plan

Hittleman was a pupil of the Indian spiritual master, Ramana Maharshi , along with Paul Brunton in the late s. He also had an interest in Zen Buddhism, and Buddhism generally. He is said to have been working with his daughter on a re-interpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead at the time of his death. His chief teaching was that ultimately all is only divine self the Hindu atman and that this was present in all people, to be realized through meditation and other yoga techniques. This is the God who is the Absolute, immutable, without qualities, pure Awareness, without beginning or end. Through his books, lectures, recordings and TV programs, he brought Yoga to more people than any other person alive at the time.


Richard Hittleman


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