SDTM 3.1.3 PDF

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Step 1: Define macro variables required by the validation process. This includes the names of work data sets, default locations of files, and metadata used to populate the process Results data set.

Each registered standard should have its own initialize. Cleanup work files. This directory is referenced within the sample study SASReferences data set path column. It is not required. The SASReferences data set defines the location and name of each input metadata source, input data source, and output file that is created by the validation process, including the Validation Control data set.

The Validation Control data set contains the set of checks to include in the validation process. It ensures that all SAS librefs and filerefs are allocated; all system options, macro autocall paths, and format search paths are set; and that all global macro variables that are required by the process have been appropriately initialized.

All filerefs and librefs are allocated. This is based on the order specified. A Messages data set is created to contain records from each referenced standard. This data set is used for the duration of the process to add fully resolved messages to the Results data set. The process is ready to proceed. This is a common process failure point because of the importance of the SASReferences data set. Step 4: Run validation tasks. This step is optional.

It passes all of the check metadata to the check macro. Any process results are summarized in the Metrics data set if specified. Various SAS Work files are cleaned up if needed. Step 5: Clean up the session. These data sets itemize and summarize the findings of the validation process. Example of a Validation Results Data Set 1 summarizes a sample validation process.

It referenced a Validation Control data set that contained metadata for four checks. It included SASReferences records to persist the results as results. Note: In these displays, some rows have been hidden to reduce redundant examples.


SDTM v1.3 and SDTMIG v3.1.3

Malajora Substance Use — SU. The 32 supported domains are shown in this table. Privacy policy About sasCommunity. Sdtm ig 3. Microbiology Susceptibility Test — MS. Reproductive System Findings — RP. Study Device Identifiers — DI.


Running a Validation Process



SDTM 3.1.3 PDF


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