This is achieved by examining the professional, ethical, and legal conflicts in British Military healthcare practice that occur in three distinct military environments. These are i the battlefield, ii the operational environment and iii the non-operational environment. As this conflict is exacerbated by the need to achieve Operational Effectiveness, this book also explores the dual loyalty conflict that Military Health Care Professionals MHCPs encounter between following military orders and professional codes of practice. The areas of law analysed similarly reflect the difficulties that MHCPs face when caring for the sick and wounded in violent locations when under attack. In particular, the book questions whether it is right for a MHCP to owe their patients a duty of care in hostile environments. This leads on to questioning if any MHCP could be protected by combat immunity where no duty of care is owed to fellow soldiers in the battlefield.

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Although it is supposedly funny, it is only so at the level of the most negative expat at the lowest point of the culture shock continuum. The authors, former expats in the Netherlands, even have the cheek to comment on the Dutch abroad: "Dutch immigrants criticize life in their host country, comparing it to their wonderful Nederland.

Like most expat media in the Netherlands, it is exceptionally biased towards Amsterdam - Holland in the most accurate sense of the word - and only pays lip-service to the rest of the country, where attitudes are often quite different.

Having lived in the south-east of the country most of the past 25 years, I often find that opinions on expat forums and in this book bear little relation to my own experience, but perhaps that is because I prefer to emphasise the positive and embrace the culture of the country which I have made my home.

This is a book which has elicited a strong reaction in me, and I found myself constantly taking notes, partly because so much has changed since this edition was published. Less than a week after the investiture of King Willem-Alexander, it was amusing to read that "Willem-Alexander will be well-prepared to become King by the turn of the century". He had to wait a little longer! One of the predictions was that Sinterklaas celebrations would be incorporated into Christmas, which has certainly not proved the case.

In spite of the fact that one of the authors is British used to a National Health Service and social security, I found that their view of the Dutch welfare state is exceptionally American, unable to see it as a safety net for those who need it. They view the Dutch as being motivated only by money and demanding their rights, yet somehow it is considered superior to work hard to further your own individual happiness and prosperity at the expense of others.

There is a whole chapter about thrift followed by one on sponging off the state. The view of child-rearing is also exceptionally negative, and twenty years on, I can only say that the so-called spoilt children of yore have turned out remarkably well and society has not collapsed as a result: Twenty years on, the current herds of freeborn Dutch, with their divine qualities, will be the backbone of the country.

They will be the mainstay of industry, the financiers and the politicians. Dutch kids, spawned by over-liberated mothers and welfare-minded fathers, will rule and govern the country. Some of the views in this book are downright insulting, such as the implication that the Dutch abroad are different to any other expats in certain countries where locals are employed as cooks or servants, and this gem: Selection of Christian school enables parents to segregate their children from Turks, Moroccans, etc.



Authors[ edit ] When the book was first released, the authors had spent a cumulative total of 22 years living in the Netherlands. Colin White British lived and worked there for 7 years, and Laurie Boucke American lived and worked there for 15 years. Overview[ edit ] There is no plot and the book is not a travel guide. Instead, the authors subject the Netherlands and the Dutch to an irreverent and unmerciful scrutiny.


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