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Techicolor TC Connectbox Wil je de modem in bridge-modus zetten? Neem dan contact met ons op als je er hulp bij wilt. Zo geregeld, kost je niets. DMZ-host instellen Heb je een wifi-modem dat niet in bridge-modus kan of wil je niet de volledige router-functionaliteiten uitschakelen?

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Internet Message Access Protocol Description: Imap protocol is used by eMail clients for the retrieval of their eMail from designated eMail "post office" servers. Email Clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, and many others, using imap protocol to retrieve their eMail, connect to port of a remote eMail server. They must then identify and authenticate themselves by logging on to the remote eMail server using their eMail account information.

After doing so they are permitted to view and download their waiting eMail. The older protocol, pop3, the Post Office Protocol, uses port End-user eMail clients send eMail to remote eMail servers using the SMTP protocol on port 25, and typically retrieve their eMail using either pop3 or imap. Email clients and servers must each support both an eMail sending SMTP and retrieving pop3 or imap protocol.

The idea behind a "local proxy" is that the anti-virus or anti-spam program needs to "filter" the remote eMail before it reaches the local eMail client program. The user instructs their eMail client to retrieve eMail from port or of their own computer, and the proxy, in turn, fetches the eMail from the remote eMail server.

This places the proxy "in line" between the remote eMail server and the local eMail client. The Proxy retrieves eMail from the remote server, checks it, filters it, virus scans it, or whatever, then offers it to the local eMail client through its own local pop3 or imap server running on port or The only trouble with this is that poorly or hastily written local proxies can sometimes create the side-effect of opening the same local server to connections from the entire Internet.

Closing port Under no circumstances would you want port of a local proxy or any local proxy ports for that matter to be open to the outside world. If our probes show that your machine has port open, you should determine the cause and see about updating your software, or determine how to close this port to outside access. If all else fails, the use of a NAT router or personal firewall would do the trick.


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