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The category controller relay offers a scalable controller design with thermocouple, providing many settings to work for different applications and accessories. The 24V current Allen-Bradley manufactured brand OW16 Output Module category type controller relay provides the input component that you can trust with your computer building, wire, repairing, and accessories needs, and it is also great for ControlLogix and Compactlogix. The 24V current Allen-Bradley OW16 Output Module category relay wire minimizes space requirements that were once constrained by rack-based products and accessories, and it will work wonderfully with a category ControlLogix-style chassis for compatibility and to meet safety and industry certification standards. Retain control by incorporating proven design category technology.

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The module has 2 isolated groups of 8 points each. This allows you to mix both AC and DC loads on one module. Electrostatic discharge can damage integrated circuits or semiconductors if you touch bus connector pins.

To work with a system that is already mounted, see "Replacing a Single Module within a System" on page 7. Disconnect power. Attach an end cap terminator 5 to the last module in the system by using the tongue-and-groove slots as before. Lock the end cap bus terminator 6.

During panel or DIN rail mounting of all devices, be sure that all debris metal chips, wire strands, etc. Spacing for one-and-a half-wide modules Refer to host controller documentation for this dimension. Locate holes every The latches will momentarily open and lock into place.

Remove the label from the door, mark the identification of each terminal with permanent ink, and slide the label back into the door. Your markings ID tag will be visible when the module door is closed. Removing the Finger-Safe Terminal Block When wiring field devices to the module, it is not necessary to remove the terminal block. Route the wire under the terminal pressure plate. You can use the bare wire or a spade lug. The terminals will accept a 6. TIP The terminal screws are non-captive.

Tighten the terminal screw making sure the pressure plate secures the wire. Recommended torque when tightening terminal screws is 0. Word The manipulation of the bits from this file is normally done with programming software e. In that case, graphical screens are provided via the programmer to simplify configuration.

However, some systems e.


Allen Bradley 1769 Compact Digital Contact Output Module: 1769-OW16



1769 CompactLogix L3x Controllers



Allen-Bradley 1746-OW16 I/O Module, Digital Contact, 16 Outputs, 2 sets of 8, NO Relay


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