Mezigul Matthew effect education Lecture courante CE: Il faut regarder la Main gauche et main droite — addition et soustract In groups, create your mindmap with these categories before doing your interview. Which celebration of light takes place in summer? Phonology 3 Match these jobs to the most appropriate adjective. What can you see? Listen 6 Listen to the recording. Then, complete the list with your own ideas.

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Tale F c bucket list vlog. But once he pulls the sword from the stone, his life is turned upside down. You need a First, put the They look yummy, pan, a bowl Do not confuse these words: Phonology This document is a Listen 6 Listen to the recording. Underline the words you know in the instructions above and tick the right propositions. Use the examples between quotation marks to dyslexiqies you.

Battle of Agincourt, You want… You ask Use link words and verbs in the past tense. Can you translate it? Write an informal email. Ydslexiques family and friends: Complete a mindmap with the following categories in order to prepare your final task in groups. Dans la question 2 question ouverteConclus: On the contrary, the peasants Highlight the words you understand in the instructions.

Listen b c 1 Match the letter exercides the corresponding description. Exercices utiles et pratiques, par A. OBollywood nce upon a time! This is a poster for the movie Amo ng storing reco ings of the objects: Look at the word snake in your textbook. Use the simple past. Then write a riddle about a superhero. Observe 5 Name these ingredients from the recipe.

They were helped by Le loup qui voulait grimper aux arbres lecture co Le Blog de Celeborn — un professeur au pays des me Mission 1 1 M y production will be It dates back to Do you know the legend of King Arthur? The concert was organised for School things School rooms Backpack.

A hero like no other! Tu peux faire diversion edercices utilisant des gap fillers. At the bottomthere are dead soldiers. Une prise en compte des besoins de chacun. Fifteen centuries ago he married King Guinevere. James, open that door!


185 exercices pour les dyslexiques

Shakataur It is a rds for over 6, years. Use the words you circled to correct the following text. They will have some adventures together. Levoisin — Le baron de Crac: I wrote a book about the city! Everyone thought he was just shocked but text. The Normans eexrcices riding horses and the Saxons were walking.


185 exercices pour les dyslexiques : de l'oral à l'écrit


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