Remove the spare tire, jack and lug wrench. The emergency locking mode is also used while buckling the belts. Electronic Gauges Fuel Gauge The fuel gauge displays approximately how much fuel you have in the fuel tank. Lwners the engine off and remove the ignition key.

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These products are available from your dealer. Storage Compartments Seating and Safety Restraints The two passenger bench seat must be installed in the first row behind windstr front seats.

Remember to figure in the tongue load of your loaded trailer when figuring the total weight. Power steering uses energy from the engine to help steer your vehicle. Page Controls and Features Do not push the keypad buttons with a key, ball-point pen, pencil, or any other hard object since they could damage the buttons. Manual heating and air conditioning. Each time you start your vehicle, the displays go through a self-test by lighting up all segments for about one second and then turning off all segments for about one second, before displaying actual gauge readings.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. To install the second row bucket seats: Controls and Features Doors For information on the liftgate refer to the Liftgate section later in this chapter. Hitches For towing trailers up to 2, lbs. Also see Air bag supplemental restraint system SRS in this chapter for special instructions about using air bags. Replacing the batteries The remote can be snapped apart to replace the batteries by twisting a thin coin between the two halves of the remote.

Customer Assistance In Canada: Instead, gradually decrease the speed. A child seat with LATCH attachments on belt webbing can be used at the center rear seat unless a child seat at an outboard rear seat is attached to one of wiindstar lower anchors.

Page The engine compartment 3. Page The jack and handle assembly Turn the lug nut wrench attached manuql the jack handle clockwise to raise the vehicle off the ground. Page Insert either the left or right safety belt tongue into the single opening of the crotch safety belt buckle as shown in Figure 5. Reinsert the ignition key and turn it to the first position OFF. This will take up to three circles to complete calibration.

When the tire is raised to the stowed position underneath the vehicle, the hex nut ratchets and will not allow you to overtighten. Maunal and Safety Restraints Figure 1: Rear Window Defroster The filter is located just in front of the windshield under the cowl vent screen on the passenger side of the vehicle. For load specification terms found on the label, refer to Vehicle loading in this chapter. Follow one of the simple calculations in order to determine fuel economy: If your vehicle is to be towed from the rear using wheel lift, the front wheels must be placed on a dolly to prevent damage to the transaxle.

SET appears in the display. Make sure that your vehicle will not move or roll and that the tires and jack are on a level, solid surface. Seating and Safety Restraints Before placing the child into the child seat, forcibly tilt the seat from side to side and in forward directions to make sure that the seat is securely held in place.

Ford Windstar Manual Refine Results. The front dome lamp and map lamps Turning on the map lamps If equipped Your vehicle may have a map lamp for the passenger and one Steering Wheel Adjustment 3. Related Posts.


2001 Ford Windstar - Owner's Manual (288 pages)





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