Faulrajas If you are a Differently Abled candidate and have requested for support during the test, please carry the copy of the authorisation of the support mailed to you by Prometric Important: I am more comfortable with section-1 than section That is if B is adjacent to D in clockwise direction, then B is to the immediate left of D. Definitely, you stand a good chance of getting into IIMs. Join on the top ones, most of them will have batches in June only. Enough time to get a good enough idea to answer the questions.

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Faunris Have a plan and practice it in your head. Sir, I am good at verbal exercises but when it comes to RC, I loose both marks and time in tests,also say if I invest 15 min Aiimcat get 2 qs right. Ensure the remaining time is well utilised. However, within the allotted time, I am managing only percentile At this point how should I plan for iamcat both the sections?

Sir, I get around 85 to 90 percentile in aimcats. My exam is on 5th Nov. Ihave completed basic prep. My actual CAT is this 18th oct Can you please explain with an example? Please work on your areas of comfort. On behalf of everyone, you are welcome. You will see the link tomorrow, along with a mail asking you indicate your preference. The admissions for Colleges through MAT will at one time or different???

Thank you Sunil sir for replying. How much time should be ideally spent on answering DI questions in case of quant and depending on the difficulty are all d questions solved by people who get top percentiles?? Look at the set and decide if it will take time and if you have better use for this time. Most of the time I tend to leave a lot of questions that could have been answered easily.

Identify weak topics and solve question particular to them. Get as good a score as you can. Plz tell me an hour wise plan for each day plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sunil: Sir, similar doubt but this in verbal. Have not started yet. For preparation tips go through the chat transcript. At the max I can attempt only 10 questions i. Number of 6 digit numbers comprising of only the digits 6 AND 8 divisible by 3. Know your topics of comfort. This not only reduces one-year but also provides adequate opportunities for Ph.

A similar question has already been answered,plz check qimcat chat transcript. TOP 10 Related.


CAT Admit Card b. If you have a good reading habit, you should be fine with that. Is it necessary to complete both? Aimvat may mot be viable to read every questions analysis.



Goltidal How to improve this. That skill can help you shave off crucial minutes. In the online version, it is not easy to go through the entire paper before attempting as it may take a lot of time. Do I need to improve more or is it OK for me carry on with this speed 7. You must understand the set before you may attempt the questions. They are quite comparable.


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