Easy to use Classic cans The AKG K Studio over-ear, semi-open headphones are designed for professional applications such as mixing, mastering and playback. Their advanced 30 mm XXL transducers with patented Varimotion diaphragms deliver a wide dynamic range, increased sensitivity and high sound levels, while their semi-open design provides a solid bass range and extremely clear highs. With impressive accuracy, musicians, producers and engineers rely on the AKG K Studio to clearly hear mixing details, which has made these headphones a standard in recording settings. In addition to great sound quality, the headphones are extremely durable and comfortable. Not only built to withstand the demands of countless hours in the studio, their self-adjusting headband provides an ideal fit and their over-ear pads nicely envelop the ears.

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That description could apply to a number of headphones, from AKG and most other manufacturers. A straight foot cord emerges from the left ear-cup and is terminated in a standard quarter-inch stereo phone plug.

There is, however, much more to the K than meets the eye. Each earcup contains two dynamic drivers, one above the other, angled toward the center of the ear.

A deflector molded into each earcup, just forward of the diaphragms, also directs the sound into the ear. According to AKG, the two diaphragms are tangent to a parabolic surface whose focus is at the entrance to the ear canal.

This arrangement forms an acoustic lens that directs the sound into the ear, presumably with a minimum of modification by the shape of the pinna outer ear. Computer-aided design was used to minimize the interference patterns between the identical signals radiated by the two angled diaphragms and to optimize the overall transient response of the system.

According to AKG, the parabolic design gives the K a "surround-sound" quality that more accurately conveys the perspective of a concert hall than conventional phones. The dual drivers increase power-handling ability and reduce distortion compared with a single-driver design. Their rated power-handling capability is milliwatts. The rated frequency response is 20 to At a drive level corresponding to a dB SPL, the total harmonic distortion plus noise was just over 3 percent from to Hz and rose at lower frequencies to 8 percent at 30 Hz.

The impedance per channel varied between 70 and 83 ohms from 20 to 13, Hz. A slight impedance glitch at 4, Hz may have been caused by a diaphragm or structural resonance, but there was no evidence of this in the frequency-response measurements.

While frequency-response measurements on headphones are reasonably reliable at low and middle frequencies, the resonances in the cavity between the headphone and microphone diaphragms make the response jagged and unpredictable above a couple of kilohertz.

Our response measurements, made with the Audio Precision System One, were taken at thirty frequencies across the spectrum at approximately one-third-octave spacing and smoothed once by averaging each reading with the ones immediately above and below its frequency.



Pros: Good sound, great comfort, pretty easy to drive, AKG product support, cool piece of hifi history Cons: Open drivers collect dust The twin-driver layout of the K Parabolic has fascinated me for some time, so when I found a unit that was too cheap to be true, there was no way that I could resist. In response to some rather negative comments about the K, I had considered re-selling them after a short test, but thought differently about that from the moment I unboxed them. Just as other similar AKG phones, the K fits my head more or less perfectly. Although those are big phones that weigh a bit, I can wear them for hours with only little fatigue and they feel spacious and "airy". Same goes for their sound: It is nicely detailled, bass is good, treble slightly rolled off. Soundstage is rather wide, instruments appear less inside the head than e. And, in accordance to the design goals, they produce insane levels if desired and still sound good.


AKG K280 Headphones Review

Balkree Reviews of your headphone-related products. To provide some more info, I listen to wide variety of music, from metal to electronica, to Tori Amos and Byzanthine chants Free access to service diagrams on the AKG aky. Superlux connected to Asus Xonar DG. The way the four drivers interact, it is seemless and totally together. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Most Popular Tags akg-kstudio-headphones audio-technica-ath-ad audio-technica-ath-mstudio-monitor-headphones audio-technica-ath-m50s beyerdynamic-dtproclosed-studio-headphones beyerdynamic-dtstereo-headphones beyerdynamic-dtpremium-headphones beyerdynamic-dtpro-headphones denon-ahdhigh-performance-over-ear-headphones fiio-e11 fiio-e17 fiio-e7-usb-dac-and-portable-headphone-amplifier headphones hifiman-he in-ear over-ear sennheiser sennheiser-hdii-professional-headphone sennheiser-hdheadphones sennheiser-hd sennheiser-hd sennheiser-hdheadphones sennheiser-hdheadphones shure-srh ultrasone-hfi Bringing Musical Fidelity design expertise, world-class engineering, and outstanding sound Overall they are warm, lush, but still keep the details.


AKG K 280 Parabolic





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