Follow all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near water. Clean only with a damp cloth. Do not spray any liquid cleaner onto the faceplate, as this may damage the front panel controls or cause a dangerous condition.

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No input level clip metering. No effect tweaking at all, other than via the Mix control. The ratio of depth to speed is well chosen in all cases and the Mix control provides some degree of control over intensity, with the effect sounding particularly good on electric guitar. The first is a short slapback delay, good for those old John Lennon vocal sounds or Rockabilly guitar tracks, while the second is a stereo reverb where one side is delayed by ms and the other by ms, providing a credible guitar instrumental sound.

At preset 15 we find a vocal eliminator, which removes all mid-range sounds that are panned dead centre. On most tracks, this drops the vocal level by a significant amount, but leaves any reverb or other stereo treatments at their original level. The degree of cancellation is determined by the Mix setting. It is also useful for treating pad sounds, organ patches and even vocals. Overall Impression While the Picoverb offers no user editing other than mix depth, the sound quality is good and the effect presets are well constructed.

For the UK price of a toy, you get very respectable effect quality, although you have to use the presets created for you.


Alesis MICROVERB 4 Reference Manual

Though we recommend you take time to read through the entire manual once carefully, those having general knowledge about effects devices should use the table of contents to reference specific functions. Page 5 Realtime Modulation Functions The Left input will then feed both inputs. Page 9: Setting Levels If the Input Meters on the MicroVerb 4 begin to clip go into the red , turn down the Input level or decrease the volume of the source instrument, mixer send, etc. Page 10 MIDI channel see above. Each Program on the MicroVerb 4 has two parameters which can be adjusted. The display will indicate this by showing a program in the Preset range or the User range.


Alesis PicoVerb Reference Manual

Vurisar I need to find the best vocal remover, no mater what price. More choices in alseis product category from other manufacturers: Use only with a cart, stand, bracket, or table designed for use with professional audio or music equipment. This machine really rules! To receive automated replies be sure to add a valid email address! MultiMix 16 FireWire 90?


Alesis PICOVERB User Manual


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