Nascut la 14 martie la Bucuresti ; decedat la 24 noiembrie la Bucuresti Inaltei poete Carmen Sylva Pustie si alba e camera moarta Si focul sub vatra se stinge scrumit - Poetul, alaturi, trasnit sta de soar ta, Cu nici o scanteie in ochiu-ador mit Iar geniu-i mare e-aproape un mit Si nici o scanteie in ochiu-adormit. Pustie si alba e-ntinsa campie Sub viscolu-albastru ea geme cumplit Salbatica fiara, rastristea-l sfasie, Si luna-l priveste cu ochi-otelit - E-n negura noptii un alb monolit Si luna-l priveste cu ochi otelit. Nametii de umbra in juru-i s-aduna Faptura de huma de mult a pierit Dar fruntea, tot mandra, ramane in luna - Chiar alba odaie in noapte-a murit - Faptura de huma de mult a pierit.

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Born in Bucharest , Macedonski-son was the third of four siblings, the oldest of whom was a daughter, Caterina. In , back in Craiova, Macedonski founded a short-lived literary society known as Junimea, a title which purposefully or unwittingly copied that of the influential conservative association with whom he would later quarrel. Reflecting back on this period in , Macedonski described Caragiale as a "noisy young man" of " sophistic reasoning", whose target audience was to be found in " beer gardens ".

In this context, he had demanded that the common man "rise up with weapons in their hands and break both the government agents and the government", following up with similar messages aimed at the Domnitor. Supported by the liberal press and defended by the most prestigious pro-liberal attorneys Nicolae Fleva among them , Macedonski faced a jury trial on June 7, being eventually cleared of the charges.

The poet was upset by not being included on the National Liberal list for the suffrage. At the time, Russian volunteers were amassed on the Budjak border, requesting from the Romanian authorities the right of free passage into the Principality of Serbia. Vernescu , decided against it, and was consequently stripped of his office. He had previously refused to be made comptroller in Putna County , believing such an appointment to be beneath his capacity, and had lost a National Liberal appointment in Silistra when Southern Dobruja was granted to the Principality of Bulgaria.

In its first version, the magazine was co-edited by Macedonski, Bonifaciu Florescu and poet Th. Urechia , whom Macedonski made president of the Literatorul Society.

Titled Poezii , it carries the year "" on its original cover. Missir , Convorbiri Literare gave Poezii a negative review, deemed "malevolent" by literary historian Mircea Anghelescu. That month, Literatorul published an epigram signed with the pseudonym Duna, [87] deriding an unnamed author who had lost his mind. Ever since that moment, Macedonski has generally been believed to be Duna, and as a result, was faced with much criticism from both readers and commentators.

He would marry off or simply mate some of his disciples with aging and rich women, and then he would squeeze out their assets. Demetrescu later recalled being gripped by "tremors of emotion" upon first catching sight of Macedonski. It upheld Symbolist authors as the models to follow, [] while Macedonski personally began producing what he referred to as "instrumentalist" poems, composed around musical and onomatopoeic elements, and showing a preference for internal rhymes.

Although showcased by the National Theater with star actor Constantin Nottara in the title role, it failed to register success with the public. It defended Ghenadie up until he chose to resign, and subsequently went out of print. Later Orientations toward Theosophy and Social Philosophy " , the poet envisaged making his interest in esoteric subjects the basis of a new literary movement.


Noaptea de decembrie



Opere Alexandru Macedonski


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